Being an Entrepreneur is NOT an Excuse for being Unhealthy!


There are several awesome common threads that run through entrepreneurs I meet, personality-wise.  Most of these characteristics I admire, but one that runs through a few too many stories these days is the story of small business owners who have been letting themselves go in the self-care department - from not carving out time to exercise to not creating strategies to ensure they eat healthy meals.  Those habits are why we at Tin Shingle encourageme you to run a "holistic business".  Making time for yourself, your health and keeping the machine that is you running well and optimally is a must as an entrepreneur and is the only way your business will run its best as well.

Do you feel like your own health and wellness plan could use some tweaking?  Fear not!  We connected with Shannon Roberts of fitness coaching team Team Fitini and she gave us some advice on how all of us can be sure we keep our health as in line as we keep our books!

By the way, after you read her tips, check out the Team Fitini Instagram, it's inspiring and will help you keep your business and body in shape!

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