The 5 Products That Will Get You Into Your Skinny Jeans (All Created by Entrepreneurs)


I have a confession to make: I think I've gained nearly five pounds in the past month.  I know.  That said, I would like to think I have a valid excuse: I got hitched, and after months of pre-wedding "get it right and get it tight" workouts, cleanses and uber-healthy eating, I spent our first month of marriage "celebrating" with my new husband Mr. H. Celebrating meaning: welcoming every celebratory glass of champagne, every scrumptious carbohydrate, and every dessert into my life, guilt free.  At the same time, I may or may not have neglected my hardcore fitness regimen I'd fallen so in love with pre-wedding. 

That all stops today.  Not only did I feel awesome (and less stressed by the way) when I was working out regularly and eating healthier, but it's fall which means it's "denim weather" and I may soon snack myself right out of my skinny jeans, so it's time to pull the plug on my "we just got married", free-for-all lifestyle. But I can't just bid adieu to my carefree attitude from the past month without a little bit of support.  Getting up early for the gym isn't always easy nor is giving up dessert cold turkey!  Fortunately there is still hope for my return to "Fit Sabina" thanks to these entrepreneurs who created five products guaranteed to help keep people (like me) on the right track. 

From fitness inspiration to food, check out these new healthy living gamechangers:

Half of getting to the gym, okay nearly all of it for me, is a mental game.  So is much of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Words to Sweat By knows this and is built around it - they provide clever and motivational work-out accessories, from towels (see above) to t-shirts to jewelry!


I try not to drink my calories, but with no soda, no aritificial drinks or drinks with sugar in them and no wine (okay, less wine...) I'm left wanting something fun to drink beyond my 8+ glasses of water.  Enter Drink Chia! an Omega-3 super foods drink infused with chia seeds, b-complex and antioxidants created by a marathon runner and mother of two (phew).  Simply writing about it makes me feel healthier.  On top of that, it comes in what I like to call "designer" flavors that I'd want to drink on purpose: Lemon Blueberry, Honeysuckle Pear (!!), Strawberry Citrus and Mango Tangerine. On top of that there is no gluten, caffeine, sodium, cholesterol or artificial anything in it!

Check them out online and snag a sample pack here!

All this talk of not eating has made me hungry. Good news for me, I can still have my salty, sweet and peanut-buttery snacks and live guilt free!  How?  YummyHealth, founded by Lisa Goldbaum, a company that creates healthy versions of classic and beloved snacks.  Sure, they're aimed at children and are working to do their part to fight the childhood obesity epidemic, but after one look at their online store I knew they were suitable for my cravings as well! After you order your favorite goodies, read founder Lisa's message, what an inspiring entrepreneur!


One awesome thing about my rekindled love affair with fitness (that took a short sabbatical this past month) has been how much fun I've had discovering new work outs, gym classes, fitness DVD's and ways to get in shape.  It prevents me from getting bored and keeps challenging my body.  That's why when I heard about the Dream Body workout series, from Fusion Fitness and founder/creator Darby Brender I was actually looking forward to trying it out.  Another bonus?  You can burn up to 700 calories a DVD.  Hello!  Even if you haven't gotten back together with working out after a long break up, you can force yourself through a DVD when you know that's going on!


When I saw this final, innovative, healthy lifestyle MUST-have I thought, "they have created this with yours truly in mind."  That said, portion control is something most people find tricky - and often what leads to weight gain.  How  many of us truly know and can plate up one serving of wine, cereal, protein or carbs? 

The innovator over at Elegant Portions realized this and solved the serving dilemma by creating discreet, stylish, portion-tracking plates, bowls, wine glasses and more.  I love them because they give my brain a rest as they eliminate the thinking, measuring and weighing that goes into healthy eating!  My brain has enough going on in it as is, and I don't want to add internal debates about serving size into it!

Like all the other products in this story, Elegant Portions was created by an entrepreneur (this genius idea can be credited to founder and creator Gail Curtis) who is passionate about helping others lead healthy lifestyles!

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