What I'm Getting Kim Kardashian for her Bridal Shower: A Small Biz Gift List


Calling all diamond-encrusted unicorns, swans and vendors of floor to ceiling white, faux fur: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married.  Call me a romantic, but I think these kids are going to make it, or at least make a lot of wedding vendors very happy with what is sure to be an extravagant celebration.  (I have a feeling their ideas of "private and small" differ from mine)  That being said, you can't have a wedding without a bridal shower, and lucky for Kim I've already prepared my list of what I'll be bringing to hers.  No she hasn't invited me yet, but no bother! I already imagined a Kimye-style list of must-haves this girl-who-has-everything hasn't got yet! And after she sees the list, I know she will have an invite out to me in no time.  I'll be waiting by the mailbox!

Read on to to see my #SmallBizStyle picks for the blushing (hardly) bride-to-be and her own, personal Yeezus!  Think I'm missing something?  Have another Kim K-inspired idea?  Share it in the comments below!

Sabina's Kimye Gift List
(All created by entrepreneurs. Of Course.)

Now before we get started on all the prezzies let's chat for two seconds about this partayyy.  Kim and Mindy Weiss (my guess) might I make a couple of soiree suggestions...

Now Kim, you KNOW you'll need some celebratory banners decorating your bridal shindig, Party City decor just will not do.  Thankfully, Banter Banner will custom make whatever phrase you want (yes you can even make one that spells Kimye Forever).  I took the liberty of picking out a few ideas of my own for you...

Banter Banner

Kim Kardashian doesn't just serve Vodka at her bridal shower, she serves sexy vodka, she serves Vixen Vodka.  Not only is it one of the only female-run vodka companies in the world, but it's also smooth as silk (it's distilled 5x), gluten-free and the packaging is super sexy, and we know how important looking good on the outside is to you!

Vixen Vodka


Now that we've got this party started in style, bring on the gifts!
Oh yes, I went there.  We might as well start out with the sexy, and what bridal shower is without lingerie?  These are chic, flirty and why yes, this is some small biz sexy.  These pieces seem perfectly suited to Miss K (down to the salute to her new hair color change. The pieces are all designed by Liya Amar who went from designing lingerie for retailers like La Senza and Top Shop, to designing this, her own line, seven years ago.

La LiLouche

Even Kim has a bad hair day (when her Glam Squad is on vacay) or wants to just throw on a baseball cap and shades and “blend” with the masses.  Who are we kidding? Kim doesn’t blend.  But she can wear an on-trend baseball cap when the mood strikes her.  I think this one from winter is Coming is a perfect fit, so into the bridal shower bundle it goes!

Winter is Coming

I too, Kim, thought I had no time to get creative in the kitchen when i got married either, until i discovered this book.  I know you’re trying to get your body back before baby, and show off your newer, softer, domesticated side, and healthy-eating crusader, entrepreneur and author Kris Carr makes that super easy via Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  If nothing else, it looks great propped up on your kitchen counter.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Oh look! It’s something blue! Perfect for what’s sure to be the multiple other showers, parties and teas you’ll be celebrated at until the big day.  They’re demure, cute and I think they give off a bride-y vibe. 

Swell Caroline

So this next gift isn’t necessarily bridal themed, but it screams fabulosity, luxury and entrepreneurial innovation:  meet Hugrz the boot wraps and covers.  I picked out a style that screamed Kimye to me: the faux rabbit fur style.  These fur boot covers can be worn over or inside multiple styles of boots meaning that whenever Kimye travel to the East Coast she’ll be warm, chic and of course, rocking some #SmallBizStyle.


Speaking of staying chic in the colder temperatures, the minute I saw these fur hot water bottle holders from A Warm Tradition I knew she had to have them.  Then I discovered they made all sorts of cute, quirky and creative styles, so I decided to get her a few – so hard to pick just one!

A Warm Tradition

Since EVERYONE is going to be staring at that rock for whenever she heads out for her (daily) photo opps, Kim’s going to want her hands and fingers to be in tip top condition, which is why I’m getting her these gLOVE paraffin wax treatments you can do at home.  Just thinking of slipping my hands into their warm, soothing gloves makes me feel relaxed.  Should Kim want to take care of her perfectly pedicured feet the same way (after all, those 6 inch heels can be murder) they have foot treatments as well. 

gLOVE Treat

Party Favors!  What Hollywood party would be complete without a little something to remember it by?  Since we all known Kim loves her face on a pastry or baked good (see, I have photographic evidence) I thought these cookies from Lady Fortune Cookies would be a must. Guests can leave with an edible cookie featuring Kim’s latest Us Weekly cover or one of her face! 

Lady Fortune Cookies

All right Kim, as you can see I’m armed with goodies for your big bridal bash and even have party favors and décor sorted out for you.  Can’t wait to see you there – I’ll be the one carrying all these inspired small business goodies, I’m assuming you’ll be the one in white with the camera crew in tow!   

Want to snag Kim's goodies for yourself? Check out the businesses above, shop & enjoy! **Momager not included