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5 Newsworthy Hot Topics You Should be Thinking About Pitching Now in December for 2014

It's nearly mid-December and no doubt you're busy.  You're decking the halls and scouring the web (and local shops) for last minute  gifts.  Here's one more thing to add to your list - actually 5 more to be precise: Five Hot Topics you should be considering while planning your PR strategy for the end of the year into 2014. 

A Proven Strategy for Beating a Case of the "Mondays": Add Creative Mondays to Your Schedule

"The Mondays".  Best defined as "symptoms of a horrible Monday morning after returning from the weekend, used in the movie Office Space".  Fortunately for many of us, due to our chosen paths as entrepreneurs "The Mondays" are something we don't come down with as regularly.  That said, I'll be the first to admit that as a sm

Three Ways You Could be Preventing Press From Finding You & Easy Ways to Fix Them

Are you a business owner?  Especially one with a brick & mortar storefront (though digital storefronts lend me your ears as well)?  Well I have news for you: I'm about to share three small changes you can make in your business that will instantly help the press (and other business-changing contacts) find you and help grow your business.&nbsp

Motivation Mix: Tin Shingle's Ashley Broussard Spins Tunes as the Featured Virtual DJ

Meet Ashley, our amazing editorial assistant over here at Tin Shingle.  You KNOW this girl has energy in bulk and motivation coming out her ears, you have to in order to keep up with Team Tin Shingle.  Not only does Ashley deliver awesomeness on a daily basis to

The Business of Blogging: Rising Star of the Fashion Blogosphere Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina is Mastering it

Blogs have come a long way from their days as simple, online diaries. These days these constantly updating and far-reaching editorial and idea platforms have become big business. Bloggers with a unique voice, a loyal and strong following and entrepreneurial savvy can turn their passion into more than just profit, they can grow a powerful, multi-level brand.


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