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Motivation Mix Monday Member Mash Up: Guest DJ's Get Us Moving!

Every Monday, Tin Shinglers from all corners of the country (and world for that matter) wake up, face the day, dig deep and often rely on inner strength, energy and inspiration to motivate not only themselves but their teams as well.  It's these entrepreneurs that we were thinking of when we created this Motivation Mix blog series, and why we find it only fitting to

Next #PRTuneUp: Taking your questions. Ask us in the comments!

It's late at night, you're sleuthing around, trying to find out how to pitch a magazine your brand would be perfect for. You're a business owner, or you're the bright staff member a business owner has hired to score them major press. Or you're the PR agency your client has hired, and you're working your networks of knowedge to land that big hit.

Insta-results from the latest Tin Shingle PR Tune Up Call

This note originally appeared as an email written to ProPreneur members from co-founder Sabina sent across our private email group. We thought you'd like to know about it too:

Hey fellow entrepreneurial hustlers!

I wanted to write you as I'm so thrilled about something that just
happened as a result of our latest PR Tune Up Call we had this
afternoon.  Here's the play-by-play just in case ya missed it (it's
really simple).

Tin Shingle hosted another one of our weekly PR Tune Up Calls.


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