Insta-results from the latest Tin Shingle PR Tune Up Call


This note originally appeared as an email written to ProPreneur members from co-founder Sabina sent across our private email group. We thought you'd like to know about it too:

Hey fellow entrepreneurial hustlers!

I wanted to write you as I'm so thrilled about something that just
happened as a result of our latest PR Tune Up Call we had this
afternoon.  Here's the play-by-play just in case ya missed it (it's
really simple).

Tin Shingle hosted another one of our weekly PR Tune Up Calls.

We gave all of the attendees some simple step-by-step instructions on
how to a) create their holiday pitches (whether they be experts,
service or products).

We also armed our attendees with simple instructions on how to track
down the best holiday gift guide editor for their stories and pitches.

The rest of the call was spent answering any specific questions they
have about PR in general.

KABLAM!  After our call, your fellow Tin Shingle member Peggy Li took the energy of the call into real life and went straight after one of her target outlets.

Shortly after, they wrote back and connected her with the editor she
needed for the holiday gift guide, who she will now be pitching.

HOORAY Peggy, hooray for all of your DIY-ers and hope to have more of you on our call next week!

You can do this, we believe in you, it's not easy but heck - nothing
worth it in life is ever THAT easy.  The good news is that the more
you do it, the easier this process will become.

All our best,

Sabina & Katie