Motivation Mix Monday Member Mash Up: Guest DJ's Get Us Moving!


Every Monday, Tin Shinglers from all corners of the country (and world for that matter) wake up, face the day, dig deep and often rely on inner strength, energy and inspiration to motivate not only themselves but their teams as well.  It's these entrepreneurs that we were thinking of when we created this Motivation Mix blog series, and why we find it only fitting to feature mash-ups from time to time.  Today's mix features a sneak peek into the playlists that keep a few entrepreneurs inspired even when faced with long hours and endless to-do lists.  Feel free to snag a few and begin working on your own motivation mix!

Want to find some more tunes to add to your own personal motivation mix?  Check out past "DJ's" including members of Tin Shingle, some of the country's top entrepreneurs and members of the small business press from the Wall Street Journal to Huffington Post!

Katie Fairhurst & Valerie Eidson, Kavatee
The designers behind hot, new accessories collection and the the Neckalinas reveal what keeps them motivated and working the long hours the fashion world demands:

1. Tonight's the Night > Outasight
Such a fantastic beat and helps us to CHASE after the dream!  This song just ROCKS and gives you the feeling you can do anything.

2. Take Care > Drake (featuring Rihanna)
This song keeps us in the zone and keeps the confidence alive!  We heart Drake!

3. Juicy > The Notorious B.I.G.
This is an oldie, but goodie.... this song just makes us feel good anytime! If you especially listen to his lyrics, he came from nothing and raps about his uprising!  Amazing.

Pamela Pekerman her website HERE
It's nearly impossible to keep up with the pace on-air accessories expert, brand spokesperson and accessories trend spotter Pamela keeps, which made us wonder what music is pumping through her headphones when she runs around New York City from sun up to sun down...

4. 9 to 5 > Dolly Parton
I find it funny that I am “the man” “the boss” and still I want to impress myself, work hard for myself, and continue to find my voice. This song also makes me realize how lucky I am that my hustle dance is all for me. Both Success and failure rest on my shoulders.

5. Be Optimistic > Shirley Temple
It's a very simple message, but we can all use a motivational reminder now and again. What better and sweater way than thru the voice of a child?

6.  Accessory > Jordyn Taylor
This pumps me up during market week, when I go on the hunt for the latest accessory so I can share it with everyone via an upcoming segment, tweet update or event.

Nadia Murdock, Manchester PR
The life of a PR maven is nonstop, but these tunes keep Nadia motivated to keep moving through the world of public relations...

7. Countdown > Beyonce
There is something about Beyonce and her music that makes you feel like you can have it all, true sense of female empowerment.

8. A Real Hero > College
I fell in love with this song after seeing the movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. I can totally get lost in the lyrics, I also love the 80's vibe that it gives.

Wendy Armbuster Bell, Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear
From TV appearances to retail outreach to participating in the hot topic conversations about the world she works in at Snugabell, Wendy relies on some Lenny to keep herself going with the flow...

9. Fly Away > Lenny Kravitz
I can't help but sing along which gets my toes tapping, my hips swaying and my blood pumping!

Alexa Carlin, Hello Perfect
Not even 21 and already running more than one brand?  In college and hosting your own radio show? How does she do it?  One thing that keeps this powerhouse college-preneur going is music...

Take Over the World > Kidz In the Hall
This song gets me inspired and motivated anytime I listen to it because it really expresses how there are no limits in life and if you dream it you can do it.