Stress Survival Tactics for Entrepreneurs, Straight from the Publisher of Success Magazine


  I became familiar with Success Magazine  both from my own reading (I'm obsessed with reading any magazines dedicated to entrepreneurship, small business and the like) as well as from working on stories about innovative entrepreneurs with them.  When I discovered Success on Facebook I hopped and became a fan right away to be sure I didn't miss any useful articles.  If you're not familiar with Success Magazine, visit them online. I personally find them both motivating and insightful they pride themselves in "providing a unique window into the lives, practices and philosophies of today’s greatest achievers—top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs and other extraordinary leaders."

[Mini-tangent: If you are on Facebook (and if you're not we need to talk....) you should be sure to "Like" and follow magazines including lifestyle magazines relevant to your brand and business trade magazines.  It's difficult to run a business and keep up with all the magazines, articles and trend stories popping up, but if you check out your Facebook feed they often post articles they believe readers will enjoy and it's an easy way, bite-sized way to keep up with them.]

That said, today in my Facebook feed I found a great piece on stress survival tactics for entrepreneurs.  Anyone who runs their own business and says they aren't stressed from time to time (or often as the case may be for some) is lying to you.  In this article Success Mag publisher Darren Hardy advises on how to keep your stress in check, which is also sure to keep your business flowing and in my opinion, make your mind a better home for creative ideas and strategies.

With that said, come on my fellow stressed out business owners, let's take steps to ending unnecessary stress and making use of those feelings when they do enter into our lives.