"Quit This Job & Love It": Forbes and Flight Attendant Remind Me of Why I Love Working for Me


Unless you've been living underneath a rock or completely disconnected from any news source, you've seen the story of flight attendant Steven Slater's slide to job freedom earlier this week.  Whether you agree with his departure style or not, it's hard not to think of topics job related topics from job satisfaction to the environment one works and its effect on attitude and mental health.  I can tell you that the last job I had before starting Red Branch PR found me so miserable I too quit, which eventually led me to Tin Shingle as well (now that is a story for another day....).  Long story short, though working for myself can mean long, seemingly endless days and wearing more hats than I ever felt possible, it's all worth it because I love what I do and who I work with, and if I don't, I simply do not work with them!  Ah, entrepreneurial freedom!

That said, I ran across this article by Kiri Blakely at Forbes.com about this recent spell of employee's quitting jobs in a public manner, and job satisfaction in general, and thought I'd pass it along.

Anyone else leave a job they didn't love to pursue their great entrepreneurial dream?