Forbes 20 Most Important Questions in Business: Can You Answer Them for Your Brand?


When you're an entrepreneur you know that your business can change on a daily basis.  As business owners we are constantly innovating, evolving and working to find the best solutions to problems, the best ways to reach our customers and business strategies that will help us not just survive, but thrive.

Part of running a successful business is really knowing where you stand in terms of your value proposition, the market you are trying to reach, what makes you unique and several other tough questions that you need answers to. has compiled a list of the 20 most important questions a business should ask themselves - and be able to answer honestly (and in my opinion, with quick, short and direct answers).  As the writers point out about answering these tough questions, "The real challenge, though, is to keep digging. As businesses grow, new opportunities and threats emerge, and yesterday's answers probably won't suffice. Relentlessly asking the tough questions is how the Microsofts, Wal-Marts, Hewlett-Packards and Googles stay on top."

While you may not plan on scaling your business to the size of a Google or Microsoft, learning from their winning strategies can only benefit you.

I challenge you to print them out and slowly ask them of your own business.

Find the Forbes Article HERE!