Tips for Pitching Local Morning News Shows


If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they were perfect for the Today Show, that a segment on Good Morning America would change their life or that The View would love their story I'd be rich.  Well I'd at least be on the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe floor a good part of every weekend.  Though these statements may at times be true, there's another place that your story could be perfect for, that could change your life and an outlet that could love your story even faster....This place is your local morning news show.

Before you scoff at redirecting your energy towards local television when you know that Al Roker & Meredith Vieira just don't know what they are missing yet, let me remind you that landing segments on your local television station has huge benefits, whether you're in New York City where local segments are the closest thing to national morning news you'll get without being national (where the national producers are often also tuning in) or a smaller town like Battle Creek, MI (my hometown) where you'd actually be surprised at the amount of eyeballs on your segment (as you're actually often getting larger metropolitan area newscasts - in our case in Michigan, the Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo stations).  

That said, today we're going to cover the two questions we get most often here about local morning shows:

So Why Spend Time on Local Press?

What To Do Before, During and After Getting a Local Morning Show Segment?