What to Pitch the Press in October: The Obvious & The Unexpected


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The start of October means two things for me over in Tin Shingle land: first, it's time to share your latest "What to Pitch" list with you, and second, what costumes will I wear during our live buzz-building webinars this month? Stay tuned to our social feeds for the answer to the second question, but your pitching ideas? You can get 'em right here!  Today I'll be sharing multiple spins and angles you can use while pitching your business that are rooted in some fairly common October themes and events, and I'll also be sharing some of the more unexpected celebrations and observances that could help your pitch break out of the pack and score you visibility-boosting press!

[Remember: these ideas don't have to be applied solely to pitches. You can also incorporate them into your blogs and social media posts.]

National Bullying Prevention Month:

Bullying has become a bigger and bigger part of the national conversation, and this month is actually National Bullying Prevention Month. This opens up several story angles for you whether you're an expert on the topic, or have a story about bullying of your own that you'd like to share.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bullying in the workplace: how to prevent it, stories of experiencing it, how you create a positive work environment at your own company.
  • Bullying experts can talk about the topic as it pertains to kids, friendships, relationships the workplace, etc.
  • Have a bullying story of your own? Were you once bullied as a child or adult? How did you overcome it? How did it impact you? What advice do you have or others? Share them in this type of pitch or post as well!


This is always one of the most obvious types of pitches for this time of year. Sure, you can pitch Halloween inspired makeup and costumes, but how about figuring out how to link your expertise, business or specialty into it in less obvious ways:

  • Nutrition and wellness experts can share healthy versions of Halloween treats.
  • Parenting & safety experts can talk about how to have a safe time Trick or Treating.
  • Event and party planners and experts can share their favorite tips to throwing a deliciously scary Halloween party (for kids or adults).
  • Hey veterinarians: how about sharing tips on reasons it's important to keep our dogs away from Halloween candy?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you follow our education and content here at Tin Shingle you've known that this big observance was on the way and you've known how to incorporate it into your media outreach campaign. You can score a webinar TuneUp about it here, and a few ideas for those who want to get moving on it right now.

  • Products and businesses that give back to breast cancer charities (note, stories covering this have been in the works for a while, so it's best to get on that as quickly as possible!
  • Inspiring stories from breast cancer survivors themselves.
  • Is your service business giving back or giving free service offerings to survivors & fighters? Let the press know about it (tactfully)

And now, let's talk about a few less obvious ideas that can help you standout in a string of emails in the inbox of a reporter or producer that are all fairly similar...


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month:

This is an obvious holiday for pet expert or pet product makers of all kinds, but hey: if you have a shelter/rescue dog of your own, perhaps you find a way to create a story about him (if he hangs out at your business, if he has inspired you in some way, if he makes you a better person or more balanced entrepreneur). If my dream is realized, someone will do a doggie costume fashion show featuring shelter dogs: two hot topics checked and guaranteed amazing visuals that will make TV producers snatch your story right up!  Remember for these ideas, if not a pitch you could also make them into great blog and social posts.

National Cookie Month: 

Hello - calling all cookie makers, cookie experts, people who can talk about how to make your cookies healthier, cookie recipe bloggers, THIS IS YOUR TIME! If you've got a way to tie your cookie into a press story, get out there and create a sweet (pun intended) story!

National Boss's Day (16th):

Calling all my #girlboss and #boyboss readers, this could be a great time to share your own self-employed stories. ALSO, if you make products or have a service that would make a great gift for an awesome boss, perhaps create a segment around this as well.  Bonus points if you wrangle a few other gift-worthy items from other brands so you've got a full set of options.  This can be turned into a TV "tabletop" segment or a great social media/blog post! More brands involved = more and shared visibility!

Other unexpected observances we love this month?

  • National Make a Difference Day - October 24
  • Mother in Law Day - October 25
  • National Vegetarian Month
  • National Apple Month

Do you want to know about these major idea themes in advance? You can! In Tin Shingle's Planning Calendar! These holidays are there for you in all 12 months of the year. We designed this template for you to plot and plan your content for your website, social streams, etc. for 365 days of the year. Get it and fill it up!

What stories will YOU be sharing with the press this month? Have any ideas or success stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!