What to Pitch in August: The Press Isn't on Summer Vacay!


What To Pitch in August 2015: The Press Is Not On Vacation!

August.  Oh August! So many people ignore you in terms of a powerful pitching month because they assume the media are on summer vacation, but they aren't!  Sure, our own schedules may be slower in this eighth month of the year, but the press?  They're rocking and rolling - and for many they are doing it more than they were in August because the daytime talk shows that were on summer vacation have now returned to produce and record. And that's just television.  The monthly magazines and short lead websites and newspapers have been creating content constantly, they've just been neglected by some of us with summer on our minds.

With that in mind, let our monthly series What to Pitch with a focus on August, begin!


Though you may have forgotten (unless you have children) August marks Back to School time.  Sure, some kids and college students may not begin until September, but as you know, the press needs to give their viewers and readers ample time to follow the tips they're sharing and purchase the must haves they're promoting.  That means that if you have back-to-school anything: tips, advice, college dorm room must-haves, grammar school lunch box necessities, you name it - now is the time to pitch the short lead press! [Remember: short lead press means television, online, newspaper, radio.] Just think to yourself: can I contribute any valuable advice, products or service input that can help parents or students around the back-to-school season?  If so, this is your time!  Pitch now! Don't wait until kids are already in school to share your tips and tricks!


Fair enough the actual last day of summer is September 23rd, but you can add some oomph to your summer pitches that may not have been picked up yet by reminding people of the urgency that comes with the end of summer.  That means there is a ticking time clock on anything summer-related and that deadline makes whatever summer stories you have to offer that much more powerful.  Play on the end of summer and how it impacts what you have to offer, remind people of the timeline, and share how you're product, service or expertise needs to be shared now, before it's too late!


What? Valentine's Day? Is she crazy? Nope, not crazy, just reminding you that long lead (monthly magazines) work 3 to 6 months in advance and they are even tighter and loyal to their pre-planning tendencies for holidays. That means as we speak they're working on holiday stories (as you know if you attend our weekly TuneUp webinars) and big time holidays like Valentine's Day are also on this same schedule.  This means if you have a gift idea, tips or advice for the Valentine's Day season and you want to see it on the pages of a glossy magazine, NOW is the time you should be writing, preparing and then pitching your ideas.  Early birds get worms!  It's better to be told, "We're just about to start preparing that, get back to me in a few days" than "We've already closed that issue".

Don't forget!  We'll be talking about THESE story ideas on this week's live #TuneUp webinar and several other ways you can share your ideas with the press in August! Sign up here!