What to Pitch the Press in December: The Long & The Short of It...


All I want for Christmas...is a nap, and some winter weather, and for YOU to have the confidence and know-how to pitch the press some killer stories, the type of stories they're actually looking to cover.  That means that we have to talk timing and ideas, and the good news for you is that is exactly what we'll be doing in this month's edition of What to Pitch, a series exclusive to TinShingle.com!

Short Lead: Timing & Ideas:

There are a couple of points I want to make about timing for your short lead pitches, in other words, the pitches that will be going to websites, newspapers, TV news shows, etc.  First things first: remember that the news never sleeps - or goes on vacation.  That means most newspapers and local (and national) news programs will have to run content through the holiday. That means you're free to pitch them throughout December and into January - you may even find that for some outlets like local news programs, it will be easier to pitch during this time because there is less competition!

That said, also remember this: certain stories will be pre-planned and most likely created in advance, so you don't want to wait until the last minute to pitch holiday stories that they'll be able to pre-write. Also keep in mind that if you're pitching products for holiday gifts, the websites, newspapers and the experts who take products on television will need to get those stories out there with plenty for shoppers to purchase the products they're recommending so again, use your time wisely.

In terms of IDEAS, here's what I want to say about short lead:

A) Don't limit yourself to holiday themed stories. That's what everyone else will be focusing on as well.  Instead try to expand into "New Year, New You" products or tips that help people make 2016 better, faster, easier, prettier, happier...you name it.  Think about resolutions.  Think about the health observances and the standard or wacky holidays that take place in December AND January. 

B) As I alluded to above, don't only focus on December. The short lead media is now (in national outlets) and will be soon (locally) planning January press stories too.  This means think about what buzzworthy things you know will be going on in January.  Think Awards (Oscars, Golden Globes), think holidays and celebrations, think about some story angles that your business can talk about with the press in January.  That will help you stand out from the crowd!

Long Lead Timing and Ideas

Here's the scoop with your long lead magazines...

Timing: The key to your timing is to first realize that there is no one hard and fast rule across all long lead press (monthly magazines) that dictates exactly what month they are all working on right now.  What you should know, however, is that they all work 3 to 6 months ahead of time and your best bet is to err on the "I'm early to the pitch party" side of things, and get your ideas to them in advance, as opposed to being too late for the party and missing your chance at a great story about yourself or your product in a magazine. What's the best way to be sure you are always in sync with your target magazine's timing? Work on building relationships with the members of the press who work at them, they'll let you know!

Ideas: Your goals here are to find ways you can add value to the magazine and give their readers something they must have during the spring of 2016.  These could be tips, these could be products or it could be an inspiring story about your business. What I encourage you to do is to really think about how you fit into the magazine (content wise) as well as timing wise. How best can you help this specific magazine out in the spring. How can your product be pitched in a way that makes it a perfect fit for their readers spring and early summer? The more you can customize your pitch and make it focused and to the point, the better your chances are for landing press!

What types of pitches will you be working on this month? Share them in the comments below!


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