#TBT To That Time When Peggy Li and Katie Met for the First Time in Person


Peggy Li, founder of Peggy Li Creations, has been a digital buddy of mine for a long time. I first discovered her at the The Switchboards, a platform for creatives who loved sharing resources, advice and encouragement. I "met" several of my current creative friends at those boards, actually. Peggy was always the first one who knew of great technical tools that were available online. Which it why it was such an honor when she joined Tin Shingle years ago and continues to use it to this day to build buzz for her business.

When Peggy reached out to us that she was coming to NYC for a business visit and would we like to connect, I jumped at the chance. I no longer live in the city, but the train ride is well worth meeting this online friend for the first time in person. We met at my old haunt, The Burger Joint, where I trained Peggy in how to spot a seat and dive for it (one must be very aggressive in there to snag a seat). I was delighted to learn that she is a carnivore just like me, and was not remotely phased when I ordered a burger, fries, a milkshake and a Sam Adams (it's the only beer they carry).

This photo was taken originally for Tin Shingle's Instagram feed, but you know what? Instagram is getting all of the goodies. It is my new practice to be more mindful about what makes it to our blog! So here is today's excuse - minutes before Throwback Thursday is over! A throwback photo. Hello again, Peggy!