TuneUp Selfies!


Every Wednesday, Tin Shinglers all over the country drop what they're doing and come together to train their PR muscles at the latest TuneUp. Since we can't see where everyone is or what they're doing while participating in our webinars, we asked! Take a look at some of the selfies the makers and doers of Tin Shingle posted during recent TuneUps.

See Karen from River Therapeutic Massage getting a healthy meal in with her inspiration!


Lisa of Your Pet Chef took in a wealth of blogging tips AND prepared gourmet food for her canine connoisseurs.


Jackie of Zen Glow Wellness spent quality playing time with her pooch while learning more about e-newsletters!


I like to keep my hands busy, so here I am knitting and training (in 90-degree heat).


Okay, okay, this guy might not be an official member, but everyone can enjoy some Tin Shingle goodness!


So tell us, where do YOU Tin Shingle?