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"Quit This Job & Love It": Forbes and Flight Attendant Remind Me of Why I Love Working for Me

Unless you've been living underneath a rock or completely disconnected from any news source, you've seen the story of flight attendant Steven Slater's slide to job freedom earlier this week.  Whether you agree with his departure style or not, it's hard not to think of topics job related topics from jo

Stress Survival Tactics for Entrepreneurs, Straight from the Publisher of Success Magazine

  I became familiar with Success Magazine  both from my own reading (I'm obsessed with reading any magazines dedicated to entrepreneurship, small business and the like) as well as from working on stories about innovative entrepreneurs with them.  When I discovered

NYT Tax Form That Made Us Giggle

Thanks again to Sabina for digging around the online news sources for PR angles, and stumbled upon this Op-Art piece from the New York Times for freelancers (which can translate into small business owners and entrepreneurs). Ha! Our favorites:

  • If you do you not use Twitter, you do not qualify as a freelancer and may not use this form
  • The deductions you got for using different Twitter symbols, such as # and RT
  • If you have health insurance, you do not qualify as a freelancer and may not use this form (health insurance as a hinderance to small business and entrepreneurs for taking the risk is a particular pet peeve of ours...this is obviously a sarcastic fake form)
  • The popularity of food blogs

We hope you enjoy.

A Tax Form for the Maginally Employed

Got a Nest Egg? Got Anything?

Alright, entrepreneurs. I'm not a financial junkie, or even very good at it. What I am around here is the Chief Nudger of Retirement Planning & Tax Preparation. This probably goes way back to my mom instilling in me not to carry a lot of debt on credit cards, and trying to establish credit history for us while in college, so that we could benefit later on (it worked).

How to Avoid the Entrepreneur's Flu - Read this & take this pledge!

There's not doubt it is and has been flu season across the country for quite some time now, and not just flu season, SWINE FLU season.  This is bad enough because the flu is just not fun - it makes life physically and mentally challenging for too long - but when you are an entrepreneur/small business owner it can hurt that much more!  Who's going to take client calls if you are a so


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