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How a Former Math Teacher Opened Barb's Butchery and Defied Bank's Denials

Opening a butcher shop isn't one of the sexier small businesses one could open, but with the farm to table movement raging, a butcher shop from the old days is just what many American small towns want. But when the butcher was a former math teacher, who when asked why she opened a butcher shop answers: "I just didn't want to teach math anymore", one wonders how she opened the shop and cuts all of the meat to order.

TechStyle: Next Week We'll Be Watching Emerging Brands Mix with #NYFW Elite - and Podcasting Their Stories!

It's official: press, bloggers and fashion influencers have descended upon New York City from all over the world, managing to look fabulous while braving the ice and freezing temps in their designer duds.  Names like Osca

Co-founders Sabina & Katie Get Real About How They're Beginning the New Year

One of the best things about the start of a new year is the incentive it gives us to start fresh, start better or start over.  It gives us time to reflect on how we're doing things in our work, life, office and home and how we can do those things more successfully.&nb


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