Giving Thanks and Feeding Neighbors All Year Long


Wednesday of Thanksgiving Week is finally here! The day to unplug and pack in many errands to get ready for cooking, traveling, or gathering. Marketing messages during this time have increased and the intensity of sales strategies gotten sharper (did you spring for any early sales?). Tin Shingle is part of this digital liberation for businesses who are creating amazing graphics for email marketing in that we teach how to do this, but we are pausing today to focus on the person standing next to you - in your local world.

In our series, "Show Us Your Local", business owner and Tin Shingle member Lisa Batra, founder of My Kids Threads, the much shopped online consignment store, we discovered that she integrates her kids school into her company's donation efforts. Many companies focus on larger organizations to donate to, usually at a national level. But by focusing on the local need, a direct impact can be made very quickly that changes people's lives.

In my hometown, a new soup kitchen opened and the season for fundraisers for food pantries started. Which got me to thinking - why is there a season for fundraising for food just once a year? People eat every day of the year. But how often do you get an email from a food pantry or soup kitchen to ask that you bring over some groceries or give a cash donation?

My Tin Shingle partner Sabina Hitchen grew up volunteering in soup kitchens and contributing to food pantries, so for her this is something she thinks about often. Therefore, we are taking this week of thanks to make a new habit in your giving habits, and that is to give to your food pantries all year long. While you're in the grocery store, buy non-perishable food you would love to eat and plan on dropping it into the collection boxes that have been appearing in grocery stores more often, or to your local food pantry or Salvation Army.

If you do have an active food pantry or soup kitchen who does get the word out very well, please share the name and link with us in the comments below. You can also comment on this blog post via your Facebook account, and can tag that food source in the comments so that more people can see how that food source is getting the word out, and get ideas for their own organizations.

We are wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving with whoever you surround yourself with this year.