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I’m a writer by trade and passion, as comfortable writing about your latest business development as I am about that time I hid in the bathroom as a substitute teacher. I love crafting the perfect sequence of words to convey a message. I also love puns, but don't worry, I am capable of keeping them out of my work. If I have to. 

I grew up on the east coast and am technically a millennial, but I have lived in four time zones in the last 5 years and prefer reading paperbacks to Buzzfeed listicles. Prior to moving to New York's Hudson Valley in mid-2016, I managed the communications and public relations activities of a corporate lobbying firm in New York City and Chicago. Now that I have regained my soul, I work with clients on their brand strategies, messaging, newsletters, articles and blog posts, press releases, social media, and just about anything that involves words. I am also a freelance writer covering whatever piques my interest.