#SmallBizStyle: Meet Loly in the Sky, Your New Shoe Obsession for Spring & Summer


I have a few healthy addictions in life, but what tops them all by far is my LOVE and OBSESSION with the beautiful, innovative, quirky, genius, why-didn't-anyone-else-think-of-this products that come from small businesses, and I know my partner at Tin Shingle Katie feels the same way.  It's for that reason that we're introducing a #SmallBizStyle series on our blog, and the item I'm sharing with you today is  going to blow your mind!

I think the moment I discovered Tin Shingle member Loly in the Sky's shoes was the fastest discovery-to-transaction moment I've experienced in my life.  My only buyer's remorse, was wondering if I shouldn't have snagged a few more pairs!

Here's why I love Loly in the Sky shoes:

  • Their designs include a range of options from ADORABLE and quirky to classic and subtle.  Should you want  shoes that people stop you on the street to talk about these are your shoes.  Should you want shoes that are beautiful but not screaming "look at me now" these are also your shoes.  She's got something for everyone!
  • They are proudly handmade with love!
  • The company's entire branding is well done: the website, the newsletter, their blog - like Renee Zellweger, they had me at hello!
  • Hello affordable: Loly in the Sky shoes are only $39.00!
  • Speedy delivery! If you're still with me and not snagging a pair (or 5) of your own right now, know this: the moment I ordered I had my confirmation email (not something that always happens) and the next day they shipped.
  • They exemplify #SmallBizStyle

Founders Lorena & Eduardo Vazquez clearly knows what she is doing! Can't wait to see what they come up with next!  My feet are eagerly waiting!  Until then be sure you find them online & on Twitter & Facebook!


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