Thank You Notes, Even for Orders, Kate Endle Style


Kate Endle Thank You Owl


I love me some Etsy artists and shop owners, why? Because they are always raising the bar for the most touching, appropriate, and effective ways of saying "Thank You!" to a customer who places an order.

This artist, Kate Endle, has marketed her brand everywhere, from Etsy to shops to markets (keep up with where she is on twitter). I found her illustrations in a paper store in Beacon, NY and bought her 2012 calendar of roosters, a whale, black birds, and other lovely, cooing animals. I've since repurposed the calendar illustrations into square posters for my son's room. Instead of finding a new artist via calendar from another store, I missed my monthly Kate Endle in my front hall, so went to her website and bought the 2013 calendar from her Etsy store.

Right away, I was sent a thank you note telling me when my order would ship. A few short days later, a brown paper package arrived on my porch, with this cute little owl pictured above next to my address! Meanwhile, Kate herself (or maybe her assistant, but doesn't matter to me) sent me a thank you email, asking me to leave some positive feedback for her at her Etsy shop if I was happy. Yup, I am! And thanks to her reminder, I will leave that feedback. I did know it was common practice at Etsy, but I always forget about it.

Hand-written notes go a long way. Especially when they are drawn. ;) Note: The colored squiggles on this owl are my daughter's when she and I were coloring. I had cut out the owl from the USPS packaging so that we could have some original artwork to look at in the kitchen.

Kate Endle Hippo July 2013 Calendar



Hi Katie! Thanks so much for your kind post. I love what you and your daughter have done with my hand drawn "thank you" note (yes, drawn by me!). I really appreciate your efforts to spreading the "Kate Endle Collage" love.

Bye For Now- Kate Endle