#SmallBizStyle: Purely You Minerals Makeup WHERE Have You Been All My Life?


Why yes, that IS me showing off my new, happy lips.  But that wasn't always the case! Here are my two biggest complaints about lip glosses and lipsticks: a) it's impossible to find one that is not just a beautiful color but isn't super sticky/super expensive and b) MOST of them are filled with chemicals and who wants to slather chemicals all over their lips? Not me!  Well it's "complain no more" time in my world because small business (and make-up genius) Purely You Minerals exists, and have made those complaints null and void, and my lips are happy again.  Let me break down why  - if you have lips (that wear makeup) or someone you love does -  you need to order some RIGHT NOW:

  • The color & type choices - From lipstick to powder to blush to bronzer to foundation - they've got all your makeup needs covered in colors you'll use and love.  I mean I can't find a good reddish hue to save my life, then I discovered their Berry Red and I was hooked from the moment I put it on.  It even SMELLS good!
  • It's good for you - Their ingredients are things you'll actually recognize (rose seed oil, beeswax) not chemicals you can't even pronounce.  I mean it's your LIPS for goodness sake, take care of what you put on 'em!
  • The price is RIGHT - Some of you may be down with paying $30.00 or even $18.00 for lipstick.  I'm not, I think that's just plain silly.  My new fave lip color from Purely You Minerals is only $7.00 - I mean that is about the price of a coffee at Starbucks!  PERFECTION!
  • Free Samples - This company has their shiz together! Not only will they supply you with amazing make-up but they'll let you road (or face) test it first!

If those four reasons aren't enough to get you hooked on Purely You wait until hear about their founder Joy Atkisson, because buying from a small business feels so good, trust me.

Joy always struggled with skin problems and cakey makeup until one day she tried mineral makeup and it changed her skin forever. She looked at the jar of makeup and noticed that it only had a few ingredients so she thought, "I bet I could make this." (Ah, the entrepreneurial spark was lit!) Little did she know that it would take four years of formulating to get it just right, so the busy stay-at-home (at the time)  worked during nap times and late into the night. She didn't want to just copy some big company's half-hearted product, made by mass production, using low-quality ingredients.

And now her dream is a reality and really awesome!  Take care of your body, looks and wallet and enjoy that dream with me!  Find Purely You Minerals online and also via Twitter and Facebook!


You are so kind Sabina! We have a similar complexion and I was never able to find a red that worked for me either.... so I made one! :)

By the way, I am still a stay-at-home mom (with 3 little girls now), and I still have to work during nap times or late into the night. Fortunately, I have a home office/lab now. Being an entrepreneur is quite an adventure!

Joy - I would love to see your office lab in the Diaries of Small Business Owners! I've been to the Three Custom Color makeup labs, and now I'm hooked on seeing makeup labs!