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Have You Tried this Strategy to Boost Instagram Engagement & Get More Followers?

Ah, Instagram. It's still a rather new frontier for most small business owners and experts.  Whether you're a newbie or were an early adopter you're still probably focused on growing both our engagement and following as more of both of them means more buzz, visibility and potential sales for your brand.

Halloween Ideas for your Social Media Feeds

There are few things I love more during the Halloween season than pets in costume.  That said, one thing that trumps even the most ridiculous pug-in-a-potato photo is a good social media-based promotion that leads to higher engagement and perhaps even new followers and customers.  The awesome thing about social media promos is that they can often be run for free, an

Pitch Now: Where You Should be Focusing Your PR Efforts in October

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Yes, I know it's not time for Christmas carols yet (tell that to some of the big box stores who are already promoting it...) but Fall truly is my favorite time of year and the start of October means that Fall is in full swing and so are several new angles and hot topics you can use to build buzz for your business.


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