March Buzz Building Ideas: Beyond St. Patrick's Day, Maxing Out the Ides of March and More!


For many of us, March has come in like a lion (brrr) which is how I'd like you to visualize yourself when pitching your business this March - YOU ARE A LION, a pitching LION (or Lioness).  You are hunting after hot stories because you have a plan, ideas and creative angles. 


Need some help getting started? Let us help you with our monthly "What to Pitch" post.  Soak it up and then get your brainstorming on!

Before you read on, don't forget: You should always make the content you are creating a "triple threat" because content takes time to create, time is money, and you want to have as much of each as possible.  When a theme or angle works for your business, don't just pitch it, turn it into a blog post or even a social media post/promotion. None of them conflict or negatively impact each other

The No Brainer: St. Patrick's Day:

Sure we all know that the media will find ways to cover this festive holiday (they already are), but don't think that a lack of authentic Irish connection will leave your business out of the news. Get creative with this green holiday and you'll be create more buzzworthy opportunities for yourself.  Here are some ideas to get you started: The more obvious ones include: showcasing green food, fashion, beauty products, drinks, you name it. (you can also turn this into a green-themed sale on social media or your website).  This holiday also lends itself to tips: Wellness coaches may want to try a hangover remedy or two,  nutrition experts may want to share lower calorie versions of traditional St Pat’s day foods. 

Tax Season:

In nearly a month it will be TAX SEASON (AHHHH).  That said, there is a silver lining and that is the fact that you can probably spin yourself into a cool press story or at the very least create a reason for a sale and social media promotion! Sure accountants and any financial advisors this is obviously your time to shine. 

But let's dig deeper!  If you're anyone who works in yoga/meditation/therapy you could share tips on stress relief and mental health.  Here's another fun spin: is your business doing something to help people ease their tax stress like a free drink on tax day? Free shipping?  A sale to help people spend their refund checks?  A comfort food recipe to help beat the tax woes?  Share them now!

CELEBRATE the Ides of March
You've heard the phrase "Beware the Ides of March" but what if you turned this famous date into a celebration!  How about a 15% off sale? 15 Tips for something on your site?  Play with this date! This is not only a clever social media promo or sale but if you're angle is newsworthy enough it may just get picked up by a short lead outlet like a blog!

Don't Forget the Holidays & Health Themes
As you know there is always a holiday or health theme to create buzz around every month.  Highlights this month include Meat Free Days and weeks, National Caffeine Awareness Month and heck TODAY is National Cereal (as a gal originally from the cereal capital of the world, Battle Creek, MI, this excites me).

Looking ahead and pitching already
As we tell you every month, it's important to also look (and pitch) ahead to themes that will be big and buzzworthy, and thus competitive to get placed in.  Two of these I wanted to draw your attention to include Easter and Take Your Daughter to Work Day.  Both can be used to create buzz on social media and in the press, and both are stories you should start preparing for now!

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