TuneUp Recap: How to work with Bloggers, Online Magazines & Other Online Content Creators


This past week we had an awesome and strategy-packed weekly #TuneUp talking which covered the Do's and Don'ts of working with online media.  In fact, we got so into it we're continuing the discussion (including best-practice strategies and straight talk about samples and gifting) next week, so be sure to tune in (or check out the forum for full recaps)!

Here's some scoop on what we discussed...

#1 – Why should a small business owner include blogs & online magazines and other online outlets in their PR campaign (which means regular, weekly outreach to different online outlets)?

  • One word: Eyeballs: Think about how many people are online via smartphones, iPads, iPhones, computers – from those who use these places to gather information to those killing time at work or in line, etc.
  • These outlets are in need of content regularly – from daily to weekly to hourly – this means they need products, services and experts to write about on an even more regular basis than print magazines.
  • You can develop a relationship with them quickly and be used by them again and again as a resource for tips or products or expertise.
  • The time that lapses from pitch to placement can be very miniscule. Because the content updates tend to move faster, you can pitch a story and be featured the next day (or even the same day in some situations)!
  • You can often reach these people more easily (most of their contacts are listed on their websites), you can connect with them at different times of the day that aren’t always restricted to the 9 to 5 of other media outlets, and you can even befriend them on social media.  
  • With the advent of more and more successful blogs, websites and online magazines there is more of a need than ever for great content, which means that more than ever there is a need to share brand stories and businesses like yours!
  • As “regular brands” that are not traditional media outlets begin producing content there are even more new and big outlets to pitch.  Examples of this include women’s fitness center Lucille Robert’s lifestyle blog, and Target has their “Bullseye View” blog.  Content creation simply isn’t left to media outlets alone anymore!
  • When you are part of their online stories they socialize the heck out of them giving you and your brand even more reach!

For the full #TuneUp Recap head on over to the member forum where we'll share what we discussed "how to pitch" tips for reaching out to online media, how to grow relationships and more.

Also be sure to schedule time to join us live for next week's digital #TuneUp where we'll continue sharing more buzz building strategies in regards to online media!