Motivation Mix Monday: Joey Parker - Our Youngest DJ & Featured Entrepreneur Yet - Reveals His Playlist


If there are two things today's Motivation Mix Monday DJ and global entrepreneur have taught me, it's that you can never be too young to launch your first brand, and you can never be too young to change the world.  At an age when some of us (I'll admit I'm included in that group) were most worried about scoring high marks in our college classes and our social calendar, Joey has grown his feel-good, inspirational brand, The Joey Parker Movement, via grassroots and social media outreach to a place where he's recognized not just by his readers, but by Hollywood and media heavy hitters as well.  (Check out his Twitter feed to see what I mean!)

After a trip to Africa, Joey Parker came back ready to change the world! Turning to the web to accomplish this, in 2009 his hit website, The Joey Parker Movement, was born. Now read in over a 100 countries Joey focuses on creating positive celebrity content, while interviewing high profile celebrities.  Beyond the fact that he's one of the fastest and most responsive members of the media and entrepreneurial worlds I've ever worked with, and his face should be in the dictionary next to the term "go-getter" or "self-made", I love that he doesn't rely on snark or celebrity dirt to grow his brand, and instead draws attention to issues that really matter, from world crisis to non-profits and movements hoping to heal global wounds.

So how does he stay on track, go after what he wants and dig deep every day?  What tunes pump him up to literally take on the world?  Read below to find out...


Lights > Ellie Goulding
I have such an eclectic taste in music, but right now Ellie Goulding’s hit song ‘Lights’ is definitely my jam I have been blasting from my Mac as I blog. From the catchy beats to the beautiful voice, this song helps catapult me into work mode and ignites my motivation.
Bigger Than My Body > John Mayer
With a talented singer like John, you can’t go wrong with any of his songs to spark up your day. My personal favorite would have to be – Bigger Than My Body. The lyrics: Someday I’ll Soar/Someday I’ll Be So Damn Much More/ ‘Cause I’m Bigger Than My Body, stand out to me and resonates as an entrepreneur. This song will kick-start your day for sure!
Empire State of Mind > Jay Z
Such a classic that I could repeat all day. This song never fails at putting me in the best mood. With Alicia Keys featured on the track… you can’t go wrong!
Stronger > Kanye West
‘‘Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger, more than ever, never over, Our work is never over. [Chorus:] Now that don't kill me Can only make me stronger. Now Kanye is one of my favorites, he truly radiates talent. His song ‘Stronger’ will launch your Monday off right!
Respect > Aretha Franlkin
Oh Aretha... what a legend! With a voice like hers, you can’t help but smile. A true gift she has. Her iconic song ‘Respect’ is a Monday-Music-Must-Have!

Good Day Sunshine > The Beatles
What better way to wake up then a Beatles song, right? The legendary band will live on forever. ‘Good Day Sunshine’ is just a positive song that will brighten up anyone’s day.
Andy Grammer > Keep Your Head Up
If you listen to the radio, I guarantee you have heard this song a few times! Whether I am working on my website or catching up on emails, this song is refreshing and a good song to get stuck in your head on a Monday morning!
Titanium > David Guetta featuring Sia
If you haven’t heard this song, you are missing out. David Guetta is a genius, with beats that will make you want to jump up and start dancing. Now, what is better than that on a Monday morning? His songs always get me up and ready to tackle what the day is about to throw at me.
Superhero > Simon Curtis
I love Simon Curtis, his album in 2011 was one of my favorites. His lyrics, ‘It's not enough to be better than the rest Gotta take it to the top and make yourself a superstar.’ – This part of the song reminds me to get to where I want to go, I must give my all everyday. A perfect song for the aspiring entrepreneur.
Shake It Out > Florence And The Machine
Now, although this song may be on my number 10 spot, don’t be fooled. This song is my number 1 played song on my computer right now, and pushes me through the tough mornings.
Some days we need a boost of motivation, and I hope these 10 will set fire to your days and get you off on the right foot. Enjoy!