Big News & Special Announcement: Sabina Hitchen Leaves Tin Shingle to Launch New Business


Hello Tin Shingle Family,
We've got some pretty big business news for you.

Katie and I have been business partners for eight years, but our relationship goes back even further - a decade -  since that magical day we met in an elevator on our way to a networking event.

Together, we've been through so much personally and professionally: Business re-branding, corporate trademark bullying, marriages, big moves, the birth of babies, the loss of in-laws...and so much growth as women and entrepreneurs.

Just like any good, healthy relationship we always want the best for each other, and we each want the other to follow our bliss, passion and purpose.  We encourage each other to take the right kind of risks and challenges and to see where they take us. And just like any healthy relationship, we support one another and our desires to evolve, grow and change.

One such evolution and change is beginning right now, and we wanted you to be the first to know...
Sabina & Katie
With this note, I am writing to let you know that I will be leaving Tin Shingle and going full force, working full time at my new company, Sabina Knows, which houses my PR training platform including my online course Press for Success. My mission in my new "home"? To teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to get publicity for their business strategically and confidently via online content, self-guided classes, and other courses and tools that will be emerging throughout the year. Tin Shingle will continue to offer PR guidance and training in its toolbelt of resources for businesses like yours who are building big buzz for your brands. 

I do this with the support and love of Katie behind me, and I in turn will be cheering her and Tin Shingle on as she continues to rock and grow this platform for all of you! I'll also be returning for #TuneUps in the future, so watch out for those!

We know that this change will allow us to serve all of you and your businesses even better, and to collaborate in new ways that will help you reach your buzz building goals! This is so important to us, and we feel so connected to you, that we will be talking to you about what this means today (Wednesday) LIVE and on camera on our weekly #TuneUp.

And now...for a little bit more about the new resource I have been building, which has been a glimmer in my eye for ten years (yes...true story), and finally has come to fruition.

Press for Success Course
Moving forward, you'll be able to find me on my website Sabina Knows as well as via the online courses I'll be creating, beginning with Press for Success, an online masterclass for experts and entrepreneurs, which is open for students right now!  You'll find a promo code and sign up information below.

I'll be dedicating myself full time to teaching entrepreneurs how to share their message with the press, and how to boost the courage and "discomfort zone" muscles you need within you to do just that!

How will I be able to help you do that?

  • Via the Sabina Knows blog posts and newsletter where I'll talk strategies and tips for both PR and confidence-boosting every week.  You'll be signed up for the newsletter automatically, and should you not want to learn how to boldly get publicity and visibility for your biz, you can unsubscribe at anytime.
  • Take my online, self-guided course Press for Success, which you can find out more about HERE Use promo code TINSHINGLE and you'll get $50.00 off for being a member of the Tin Shingle family.
  • Let's stay connected on social: You can find me (and my advice, and my dog) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • On Tin Shingle! That's right - this isn't goodbye forever.  I'll be making appearances on the TuneUps and the blog from time-to-time, so stay tuned to this newsletter for news on that.
We'll talk about all of this and more on Wednesday's LIVE #TuneUp - it's definitely one you'll want to be on, as we talk about this change, and dive deep into our partnership, how we've made it work for 8 years, and how it's possible for us to continue to collaborate - we've got some golden nuggets worth sharing!
  • The evolution and changes in our partnership: Sabina and Katie get up close and personal.
  • Where and how you can connect with Sabina in the future.
  • Business partnership truthbombs and golden nuggets.
As always we'll be answering YOUR questions live during the class!


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