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Step Up & Step In: Starting Your Own Business

Christine Agro, creator of The Awaken Method and fellow Tin Shingle member, is hosting a series of video classes called Step Up & Step In.  It is a series that has launched this week, with different videos airing at different times.  Each session delivers powerful and insightful guidance to show you how to follow your inner guidance and live the life you were meant to live. Eighteen different experts share how they stepped into their inner guidance with regards to business, health and wellness, everyday life and more, with each interview lasting about 30 minutes.

Tin Shingle's co-founder, Katie Hellmuth Martin, is excited and honored to be included as an expert in one of these videos, which airs Thursday May 25th at 1PM EST. With her unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of running and growing a business, Katie will share tips and tools on how you can succeed as well. You can register now to reserve a virtual seat. All video conferences are available live and 24 hours after to watch a replay. 

Other topics and experts include:

Revisiting Resolutions

We are already well into the fifth month of the year and it’s a great time to check-in on your 2017 Tin Shingle Resolutions.  Have you taken steps forward? Are you as far along as you hoped to be? If you are looking at what you set out to accomplish this year and you are noticing that, despite good intentions and despite having a plan to move forward, you just haven’t quite gotten as far as you’d hoped, it’s time to look at what might be blocking you from achieving your goals.

What you experienced when you were growing up can have a profound impact on your ability to create and manifest what you want in your life.  Whether you were told that you couldn’t, or that there was a limit on how much one should have, or maybe you were supported fully and that created a space of fear to do it on your own, this all boils down to energetic blocks that can make moving forward challenging.

The good news is, this is part of a deeper aspect of life. It’s about how you grow as a spiritual being.  Your life lessons, those things that will help you step into greater and greater levels of conscious awareness, are a part of your day-to-day life, and they often show up as blocks.  If you are noticing that you can’t seem to get to where you want to be, or the goal post seems to keep moving and is always just out of reach; chances are, you’ve got some lessons to learn. By looking at the energy of your blocks, and by moving that energy out, you can take larger strides in moving forward.

I’m excited to be joining you on May 24th for a Tin Shingle Tune-Up on your resolutions. I’ll be talking about what some of the more common blocks are, where they come from and doing a little bit of energy work with you to help you clear them, right on the call. Register now for free and listen live on Wednesday at 12 PM EST. All tuneups are recorded and available for download but, are free 24/7 for All Access Members.

What's Brewing: The Business of Beer

The 12th annual craft beer week, held May 15-21, allows beer aficionados from coast to coast the opportunity to not only sample a wide range of brews, but to celebrate the ever-evolving craft beer culture. And let’s face it: there’s a lot to celebrate. Currently, there are more than 5,000 breweries in the United States — up from 1,396 in 1997—and many of them will be holding special events including exclusive brewery tours, beer brunches, tap takeovers, pairing parties and much more

What Is A Craft Brewer?

Let’s start at the beginning: What exactly is a craft brewer? A small, independent brewer that produces less than 6 million barrels of beer a year. 

One of the hallmarks of a craft brewer is innovation; they are constantly introducing new flavors and experimenting with varying styles. IPA remains, by far, the most popular style of craft beer. But other recent trends include the explosive growth of sour beers, saisons (a single malt farmhouse-style ale), and lagers —the most popular type of beer in the world that has traditionally been snubbed by craft brewers. Fruit beers are nothing new, but the last year has seen the proliferation of more exotic options; mango beer anyone? 

Secrets Behind A Brewer's Marketing

Craft breweries often function as community hubs; they sponsor events, donate products and get involved in local philanthropy. Savvy event planners know they are a popular spot for a wide range of functions, from bachelorette parties to big corporate meetings.  Brewery-related tourism is also booming.  A growing number of travelers are happily plunking down big bucks to check out craft breweries, hit a rapidly growing number of local “beer trails” or to participate in a beer-themed event or festival. The three-day Great American Beer Festival in Denver, held every fall, remains the nation’s largest beer event; tickets routinely sell out in minutes.  Entrepreneurial folks are finding ways to cash in. Just last month a new company, the Damn Good Beer Bus,  started offering tours of 11 breweries in Florida’s Palm Beach County.

Going Rogue, Going Local

Craft brewers are increasingly trying to use local ingredients in their beers; fresh fruit and honey are perhaps the best examples. Rogue Ales & Spirits makes its beers using only ingredients, including honey and hops, grown on one of its two Oregon farms. In New York’s Hudson Valley, self-proclaimed “hoptometrist” Justin Riccobono, who started the region’s first commercial hop farm, now grows his own hops for use in local breweries and also acts as a consultant for a growing number of other hop farmers. He thinks that tour of local hop yards could be the next agritourism trend.  

Is Beer A Big Business Or A Big Bubble?

Clearly, nobody can dispute that beer is big business. But is there a craft beer bubble? Analysts continue to debate this point. Last year the number of breweries in the U.S. grew 16.6 percent (there were 826 new brewery openings and 97 closings.)  Bart Watson, chief economist at the Brewers Association, says that there is still opportunity for small and independent brewers, but “it is a much more competitive landscape.”

Still, craft brewers provided nearly 129,000 jobs in 2016; that’s an increase of almost 7,000 jobs from the previous year. But keep in mind that brewing generates a lot of additional jobs and marketing opportunities. The Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association insist that beer is “an employment intensive industry.” According to their most recent study, for every one job in a brewery or beer importer, another 34 jobs in other industries are supported.

If you ask us, these are plenty of bonus reasons to hit up a craft beer festival, beer trail, or better yet have a beer brunch with your loved ones. Check out what events are happening near you.  #BeerItFoward this week to help local communities, boost economy and jobs, support home-grown agriculture, and celebrate creative entrepreneurs. 


Special Opportunity: Seeking Beer Experts for American Craft Beer Week

Leads and opportunities from the media and influential outlets come across Tin Shingle's desk from time to time. When that happens, we pass the lead onto you. Some leads require the All-Access Pass of Membership with Tin Shingle in order to get the full details and contact information. Some do not and are for our free subscribers as well. One came along that we want to share with you. 

Beer Experts for American Craft Beer Week

Tin Shingle is seeking quotes from experts in the beer industry for an article we are working on for American Craft Beer week. Is the brewery scene saturated? Even though it is, seems like there is still room for growth, and marketing plays a big part. With the focus on business models, do you notice multiple revenue streams happening, and/or events that bring people in? What is working in the craft beer industry right now to maintain growth.




....Need Help? Join with our new multi-level membership options to choose which Tin Shingle teaching tools you need to learn the ins and outs of buzz building. Start now and succeed in your PR Campaign today. Or purchase our individual classes to keep in your collection.



Money Monday: PMI Refund and New Savings Applied to Additional Principle

It's Monday again, and this time it's smack on the 1st of the month. Thanks to the news earlier this month that I was able to realize a personal goal of dropping the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) on my home, which by the way is a completion of one of my New Year's Resolutions, I get the satisfaction this month of applying the old amount of $200/month that used to go to private mortgage insurance to instead go to the Additional Principle column on the online payment center of our mortgage manager, Quicken Loans, that normally goes unchecked and left blank.

Big thanks goes to a local realtor in my town of Beacon, Daniel Aubry, who encouraged me to make the call to cut ties with the PMI while I was interviewing him for one of his branded content articles regarding a clever real estate deal he wanted to highlight in my local publication A Little Beacon Blog. Daniel encouraged me to call the mortgage manager instead of waiting for them to call me to offer to check on if we were eligible or not for removal of the PMI. Thanks also to our community's hot real estate market, that drove our home value up above what we originally got the loan for, in order to make this PMI cut possible.

But Wait, There's More!

In addition to the monthly savings that will be applied to the principle of the loan, Quicken Loans cut us a refund check for the PMI since the time of them turning it off. The $75 was a welcome addition that basically goes straight to groceries, or a kid's after school programming.

Stick To The Savings

The savings, or rather, the application of this savings to a large amount of debt, isn't something that happens automatically. We need to check the box and fill in the amount each month, instead of opting for a lower monthly mortgage amount. I am so eager to live in a mortgage-free home, and remove that large sum of debt from my credit report, that this should be easy to keep.

Easy To Use Daily Credit Checker

Speaking of credit report, several of the banks are hooked up with credit score companies to provide you with a daily snapshot of your credit score. I have been using the free one that suddenly appeared with my CapitalOne Spark Business account. It gives me the history of my credit score, and a running tab of which accounts are open and what their balances are. The layout of it is great. Very easy to use and look at. I used to get this via whoever Suze Orman recommended, and even once bought her own credit report package. CapitalOne's is comparable to hers, where the layout is great and information easy to access.

Looking forward to seeing what happens for your Money Monday for next week!


Next Training TuneUp: How To Become A Published Author, With Kelly O'Connor McNees

Tin Shingle knows of your secret dreams to be a published author. Some of you already are published authors, and you have pumped it up to market your books. This is why we tapped into Katie's first friend during her Harper Collins days, Kelly O'Connor McNees. Kelly and Katie started in book publishing as editorial assistants, and went on to publish FOUR books. Yes four. If you're a fan of Louisa May Alcott, you may have heard of her debut novel, THE LOST SUMMER OF LOUISA MAY ALCOTT. Coming in 2018, Kelly's newest book will be released by Pegasus: UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, a fictionalized look at the complex love affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and reporter Lorena "Hick" Hickok.

And the best part is, we get to talk to Kelly tomorrow during Tin Shingle's live TuneUp! To find out all about her journey to becoming a published author with numerous books under her belt - which includes a lot of rejection letters.

Get all of the details here, and registration link >


Money Monday: That Invoice IS Going To Send Itself!

What are you doing for your Money Monday? Make this an Invoicing Monday! Sometimes, just one invoice becomes very hard to send. You may be putting it off because your day is too busy, or for emotional reasons, you keep forgetting to send it (because you have a fear of billing clients).

This Money Monday is bringing you the solution to facing your fears, and to create a safety net to help you from forgetting to invoice clients. The solution lies in the beauty of QuickBook's Recurring Transaction tool that comes with your QuickBooks Online subscription. Worth every penny. If you identify wth any of the below scenarios, then working Recurring Transactions into your life will be worth your time, and probably earn you a lot more money.

Do these scenarios describe you?

  • You forgot that the invoice was due, and actually never sent one for that month.
  • You forgot that the invoice was due, and remembered 14 days later. Now do you bill the client? Or tack it onto the next invoice, thus duplicating it?
  • You grow fearful of invoicing the client because this action makes you uncomfortable. Invoicing becomes something you dread, and put off, and forget about, thus causing a vicious cycle of not invoicing. Meanwhile, you're not getting paid, which makes you cranky, and you may even dread working with the client.

Click here for the full article and solution in our Ask The Expert section, in my "Art of Getting Paid" column.


Money Monday: Resolution Accomplished! Removed PMI From Mortgage

Now in its second year, the practice of making and keeping New Years Resolutions here at Tin Shingle falls into a category of doing something specific. Some call this goal oriented. I call this - just more fun. For instance, a resolution do not take the form of: "I will get rich!" Rather, it takes the form of "Refinance House And Eliminate PMI" (PMI is that mortgage insurance that some people need when purchasing a home, and for our family, has been an extra $150/month for a number of years). It's more effective focusing on one item that actually does take a while to accomplish, that helps that larger goal of "I will get rich!" because you are saving money or plugging a hole.

Earlier in 2017, my resolutions were declared on Tin Shingle in our Diaries of Small Business Owner series, the exclusive series that members of Tin Shingle can contribute to at any time. Throughout the year, I edit the article with updates. As of today, I have made updates to all declared resolutions, and thank goodness I did because A. I'd forgotten about a few of them, and B. Had actually made progress on accomplishing some of them!

Update on Money Saving Resolution

Today's Money Monday installment is dedicated to the resolution that was realized: the elimination of our PMI to save $150/month. Upon revisiting that resolution, it was in fact was two-part: refinance and eliminate PMI. Turns out, I had no intention of refinancing at all, but had connected that activity to PMI, when they are totally unrelated. Part of the PMI puzzle, I thought, was improving credit. While improving credit scores is always important, it has proved difficult this year as we had to finance another car in order to fit the upcoming baby. I almost gave up on this goal, but then...

Taking matters into my own hands, I called Quicken Loans to initiate the PMI droppage, which only required that our house reach a certain number in the realtor appraisal. Our neighborhood is a "hot market" right now, so I had a hunch that our house would generously appraise, which it did. The photo illustrating this article is a letter from Quicken Loans, approving our PMI to leave our lives. We can now apply that amount to the principle of the loan, which is what I intend to do in order to pay the mortgage off sooner.

Tune In With Us To Realize Your Own Resolutions

Tune in with Finance Expert Galia Gichon of Down to Earth Finance and Manifestation Expert Christine Agro on May 24th for our live TuneUp dedicated to Resolutions Revisited, where we visit your New Year's Resolutions from January to see how you are doing with them! Galia will give us actionable pointers we can use now, and Christine will help us break through the clutter to manifest what we know can happen. The live broadcast of this TuneUp is free, so register here and join in later! This TuneUp is also listed in Facebook Events, so you can share it with a friend who would love it.

Submit Your Own!

What have been some Money Monday inspirations or goals realized for you? Submit them by emailing, and you may see your story here on Tin Shingle's blog! Be sure to leave your contact information so that we can be in touch with you.


Member Update: Tin Shingle Getting a Mini (but Major) Makeover

It's happening...changes to Tin Shingle main architecture that helps you do two major things:

Quickly access all of your member benefits.

Promote your brand.

At long last, Tin Shingle's membership benefits are going to take over the main navigation of the website. Call it a "navigation takeover." The Tin Shingle website as you know it is going to be known as the Training & Promotion Center.

You should notice the changes within the next few days, and when that happens, we want to know your feedback, to make sure you're able to find everything as we intend.

Be sure your business is listed in the Business Directory! And that the personal profile of the owner of the company is filled out! Find this in the "Edit My Personal Profile" area, and same for the Business Profile.

Potential clients and customers do scour the Business Directory, Shopping Guides, Press Portfolios, and more, as do reporters and producers, so be sure to list some of your best or most favorite products and services there!

Always feel free to email us your questions on how to use or find something. The best way to reach us is by emailing

It's easy and you're going to get hooked into a buzz-buliding community who thinks big just like you do. Plus you'll get loads of cool resources, like Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars. Find out more about membership here.

The Last of Our Editorial Calendars Are Trickling In!

Do you guys know that Tin Shingle has over one thousand different opportunities for members to get press just in glossy print magazines?!  As they come in, they are uploaded into Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Database - which means more ways to build buzz for your business. Obviously you are not going to utilize all of them because that will definitely just make you overwhelmed! Just think out of the box, start with the areas your business is interested in, and most importantly don't give up.  

The brilliant thing about Editorial Calendars is not only do they provide you with a direction, or hook for your pitch, but they also provide you with a time table. No more feeling guilty because you missed the train on your favorite Holiday Gift Guide. Every Editorial Calendar entry provides a deadline of when each story idea needs to be complete and sent. Use Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Database along with our PR & Media Outreach Tracking Template (free for All Access Members or available for individual purchase) to stay organized and on top of your successful DIY Campaign. 

After you write your pitch, or story idea to your target audience, don't forget to submit it into Tin Shingle's very own members only Pitch Whisperer Workshop before sending. You will not only get awesome feedback from other TS members who are deep into their own PR campaigns but, also advice from TS's own staff. I can't wait to read what you all think up! 

A sneak peak of this round of opportunities:

BizBash - December Issue - The 2018 BizBash Best. The definitive guide to the top new venues for meetings and events in North America.


Fashion Magazine

Teen Vogue - December Issue - #Goals


Beauty Store Magazine

Brides - August/September - The Style Issue. Discover the coolest accessories for your wedding day look. Reception details that will kick your wedding up a notch.



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