PR & Media Outreach Tracking Sheet Template


You started pitching the media, but are you tracking your outreach to the press? Pitching a reporter, producer or editor is one small step in the big picture to landing a media hit. Tracking who you pitched and when is key to ensuring you have a smoothly run PR campaign. Tin Shingle's Media Tracking Sheet is all set up for you to start using right away, and prompts you to think big picture when reaching out to media contacts. This Media Tracking Sheet has been modeled by what professional PR veterans use for their PR campaigns. Once purchased, you will see a link to download it right away on this page. Once purchased, come back to this page to download your file. You will have access to it forever! Even new updates!


  • Monthly At-A-Glance View
    When you are pitching the press, you are either pitching national print magazines, which are known as the "long lead press", or you are pitching TV, blogs and weekly magazines, known as "short lead press". National print magazines work 3-6 months in advance, so you will need to think of story ideas in terms of what blogs and TV are working on right now, but also what print magazines are working on months ahead of time. For example, if you want to get into Holiday Gift Guides, that all starts in September! If you are trying to get into Valentine's Day Gift Guides, that can start as early as October or November! Tin Shingle's Media Planning Template prompts you to think this way, and is set up to store your ideas for opportunities that are in the future and going on right now. Companion tools to this template are Tin Shingle TuneUp Webinars, and Tin Shingle's Magazine Editorial Calendars, which containt the broad themes of what magazines are working on when.
  • Capture Your Brilliant Article/Story Ideas
    You just thought of the best idea for Working Mother. Great! You can record that in this template, and then schedule time to work on it in your daily planner. Key is making sure this gets done!
  • Something Might Be Getting Published...
    Got any press in the cooker that has a good chance of going to print or hitting the airwaves? You can record it here to make room in your schedule to promote it.
  • Bam!
    You got press! You think you'll remember where your business got press, but after several hits, you will lose track - and links. Avoid this problem in this Media Tracking Sheet.