Money Monday: That Invoice IS Going To Send Itself!


What are you doing for your Money Monday? Make this an Invoicing Monday! Sometimes, just one invoice becomes very hard to send. You may be putting it off because your day is too busy, or for emotional reasons, you keep forgetting to send it (because you have a fear of billing clients).

This Money Monday is bringing you the solution to facing your fears, and to create a safety net to help you from forgetting to invoice clients. The solution lies in the beauty of QuickBook's Recurring Transaction tool that comes with your QuickBooks Online subscription. Worth every penny. If you identify wth any of the below scenarios, then working Recurring Transactions into your life will be worth your time, and probably earn you a lot more money.

Do these scenarios describe you?

  • You forgot that the invoice was due, and actually never sent one for that month.
  • You forgot that the invoice was due, and remembered 14 days later. Now do you bill the client? Or tack it onto the next invoice, thus duplicating it?
  • You grow fearful of invoicing the client because this action makes you uncomfortable. Invoicing becomes something you dread, and put off, and forget about, thus causing a vicious cycle of not invoicing. Meanwhile, you're not getting paid, which makes you cranky, and you may even dread working with the client.

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