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The Wall Street Journal Magazine's Editorial Calendar is here!

The Wall Street Journal Magazine’s editorial calendar has been added to our database!

As the world’s leading luxury magazine covering art, entertainment, fashion, travel, design and more, there is ample opportunity for pitching your unique brand.

This year’s themes include a hotly anticipated Spring Fashion series, with one issue dedicated towards women’s fashion and another focused on men’s styles. What or who will you be wearing this season? Or will they be wearing you? They just might!

Their summer issue will focus on seasonal destinations, escapes and activities. Who can resist a relaxing getaway, a well deserved respite from the bitterness of winter. Also, an entire issue is being dedicated to the INNOVATORS of our time. Be inspired and find your creative launchpad with the WSJ editorial calendar, available with Tin Shingle. Find every deadline, every theme and anything else you need to know to make your pitch a successful one.

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Tin Shingle Member Lands Placement In InStyle - She Tells Us How!

We are certainly cheering in congratulations for a determined and darling Tin Shingler, Christina Fagan this season. Christina is the owner and CKO (Chief Knitting Officer) of Sh*t That I Knit, a knitwear brand out of Boston, MA. Her dreams came true this season! With Tin Shingle's live media contact lists and a heavy dose of her hard work, she landed placement in InStyle's Gifts For The Charitable Soul.

Read below for our exclusive interview with Christina to learn how she pitched InStyle and got the press placement on her own. A big win for DIY PR!

What do you think worked in your pitch?

"I pitched various people at InStyle for years... it wasn't until I kept my initial pitch short and sweet that I finally got a response."

Here's what it looked like:

"Hi Anne,
Hope you're well! Reaching out quickly- wondering when you start taking submissions for the InStyle Holiday Gift Guide?
I'd like to send you more info on Sh*t That I Knit when the time is right!

Where did you go from there?

"Once I got an answer about the right time to pitch, I was in. I also focused on giving her all of the possible angles to include us in their gift guide. They ended up biting on our charitable giving angle which was why we were included in the Charitable Gifts guide."

Did you have a relationship with anyone there before?

"No! All of my emails were completely cold! I was able to get a larger placement in this season's Real Simple because of a relationship I formed last season... it's worth checking in and staying in touch with editors you've worked with in the past!!"

Can you describe how you were using Tin Shingle that sparked the idea for you to go for it and pitch?

"Having the database available to email important people at my target publications is huge. If one person doesn't answer (which let's face it, 9 out of 10 times they won't), there are plenty of other options. I was able to send emails to probably 5-10 writers/editors at InStyle without having to do all of the work that comes along with identifying the magazine, identifying the type of interest of the editor, and figuring out the format of their email. I use the database a ton and even if it doesn't have an email that I'm looking for, I'm able to figure out the email format for the person I'm trying to reach. Having each listing include areas of interest helps you to be efficient as well, there's no need for me to be emailing an editor who focuses on Tech or Men's Health!!"

Making Your Own Dreams Happen

Tin Shingle is a training and idea generating platform that aids and quips go-getters with dazzling business to spread the word about their products(or services!), increase the buzz about their brand, and succeed at landing press in their dream publications. Join now or upgrade today to have instant access to every training class, study guide, idea generating forums, and our live media lists and editorial calendar databases


Tin Shingle's Training TuneUp Goes on Holiday Break

Tin Shingle's live broadcasts on Wednesday will be on a brief break during the rest of November. The next Training TuneUp will resume Wednesday, December 6, 2017. Here is a sneak peek:


A favorite of listeners, this series demystifies the ins and outs of the PR and pitching world giving you confidence and skills to have success in making buzz about your business.  This training TuneUp is streamlined to help you:

  1. Prep your PR pitching campaigns AND blog/social media content planning.
  2. Pump you with relevant story ideas, topics, and themes to use now with a sneak peek into our live Editorial Calendar Database!

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Member Update: Editorial Calendars Streaming In

These calendars are now active in Tin Shingle's live Editorial Calendar Database:

  • Car & Driver
  • Brooklyn Magazine
  • Bridal Guide
  • Boston Magazine
  • Boston Home
  • Saveur
  • Rachael Ray Every Day
  • Allrecipes
  • American Hunter
  • House Beautiful
  • Woman's Day

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Tin Shingle Member Interviews MSNBC's JJ Ramberg

The fundamental part of Tin Shingle's educational training is to make buzz about your brand to get the word out about how awesome it is. This goes for any small business, whether service-based, storefront, product or even event focused. Often times, this involves more than just organic PR; meaning more than just pitching your gorgeous shoes to the latest issues of Elle, Oprah, and the Today Show. 

Tin Shingle trains entrepreneurs to use many other avenues to promote your business - such as social media, community events, and even your own business blog. A praiseworthy member of Tin Shingle, Kathyrn Brooks, did just that! Kathryn Brooks is the founder and CEO of She's Her Own CEO, a lifestyle and fashion brand for emerging entrepreneurs who lead, provide, and create. 

Kathryn has started a series on her business blog where she guest interviews talented ladies such as lifestyle journalist and expert Trae Bodge, CNN producer Nadia Bilchik, and most recently MSNBC's Your Business host, JJ Ramberg.  In her most current edition of guest interviews, Kathryn takes a deeper look into the personal life of JJ, as well as gains insight on her early business aspirations as well as what gives her confidence an ability to be successful. Be sure to read the whole interview at

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways for entrepreneurs to tell the story behind their brand and bring life and vitality to their website. Blog content also builds credibility, especially for experts like She's Her Own CEO and service providers. And bonus: the more content the bigger footprint you build for people to find you. Yes, blogs can be the shiny touch that catches the eye of your next client, customer, or even press interested in your brand.

For more blogging advice, strategies, and even motivation study these guides, classes, and tools in Tin Shingle's Educational Center:

You can purchase these individual classes to keep in your library forever or upgrade your membership to get access to all of Tin Shingle's educational tools, live media contact list, editorial calendar database, and more. Membership is monthly, making it commitment-free. Sign up here for instant access. 

Member Update: Themes to Pitch in 2018 - More Editorial Calendars Added

What's New: 2018 Editorial Calendars Added

These calendars are now active in Tin Shingle's live Editorial Calendar Database. More are added and updated weekly. 

  1. Cross Country Skier
  2. Backcountry Magazine
  3. Advertising Age
  4. AARP The Magazine
  5. Pregnancy & Newborn
  6. Backpacker Magazine
  7. Shape
  8. Spirituality & Health
  9. Modern Luxury/Boston Common

Sneak Peek Into Themes Planned

Knowing what direction a magazine is planning to cover is a huge advantage! It allows you to curate ideas that will interest the editor and direct their attention towards your product, service, business, or expert advice. These are some upcoming themes to be printed in 2018 (and you should be pitching now!)

  • North America's top spring destinations.
  • The ultimate adventure kit
  • Winter Olympics
  • Nursery design for every budget
  • Modern icons of fitness, beauty, and food
  • How to have good energy
  • Invest in your passions

All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change. 

Editorial Calendars & Media Contacts are available to level 4 members of Tin Shingle only. Upgrade your membership for instant access. Send in your media contact or editorial calendar requests to


TV Segment Looking For Gift Guide Product

On Air "Table Top" Expert Seeking Themed Products for Morning News Show Segment - Act Fast!

We have to keep most of the juicy details private - and available to Tin Shingle Members Only at Level 4, but here’s what we can share with you (upgrade or login for full contact details and pitching tips):


  • Gifts that chill you out and relax you for the holiday season
  • Gifts for your teacher that are not boring or office supplies
  • Gifts for pooches, cats, and the owners who love them
  • Everything a holiday hostess needs to throw an amazing party from food to decor

Deadline is soon and submissions are already rolling in!


Email and further details are available to Level 4 Tin Shingle Members
Upgrade now if you haven't already!

Valentine's Day Pitching Guide

Don't Let This Gift Guide Slip Your Mind

Many this time of year are busy focusing their attention and planning on holiday placement; be it for gift guides, stories, or even advertisement. This is for good reason as holiday stories can make a lot of buzz for your brand.  However, print magazines have long moved away from the holiday extravaganza and began focusing on spring.

But, wait...there is one gift guide you still need to keep your eyes on - Valentine's Day. Many publications feature variously themed gift guides in February, creating the opportunity for you to pitch your product (or service: gift cards!), or better yet send in your own curated guide with the products you sell. Ie: gift guide for the bookworm.

Tin Shingle's Exclusive Guides & Expert Articles

After all of that pitching for November and December, we don't want you to grow tired and forget the most important PR pointers. Or throw in the towel because, after all your hard work, you heard nothing back from the editors at your most wanted magazines. Browse through these study guides in Tin Shingle's Education Center, available to all Tin Shingle members.  There are guides for every step of the way - even what to do after an editor shows interest. Here are some that are especially helpful:

Companion Tools for Buzz Building

Listen to and use these training TuneUps for even more tips and strategies:

2018 Editorial Calendars Added

What's New:

These calendars are now active in Tin Shingle's live Editorial Calendar Database. More are added and updated weekly. 

  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Bella NYC
  • Departures
  • Brooklyn Magazine

Sneak Peek Into Themes Planned

Knowing what direction a magazine is planning to cover is a huge advantage! It allows you to curate ideas that will interest the editor and direct their attention towards your product, service, business, or expert advice. These are some upcoming themes to be printed in 2018.

  • A "GAL-entine’s" chocolate and flowers gathering + date night steakhouse-style
  • The Destination Issue.  The ultimate guide to unforgettable luxury experiences within the chosen destination.
  • Mother’s Day scents and candles + curated gift boxes for Mom
  • DIY IT: Do it or design it yourself. Instant upgrades to elevate your home, meals, and style.
  • Modern entertaining at a “grown-up summer camp” + beachy bashes
  • Girl boss beauty advice + thicker, fuller hair fast
  • 60-second de-stressors

All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

Editorial Calendars are available to level 4 members of Tin Shingle only. Upgrade your membership for instant access. Send in media contact or editorial calendar requests to

How to Get On The TODAY Show: Pitching Megyn Kelly's New Hour

After a Summer Run with Her Sunday Night News Show, Megyn Kelly Moves to the Nine O'clock Hour on the TODAY Show

Best known as longtime American journalist covering political topics for Fox News, Megyn Kelly has changed gears after turning down a $25 million salary from Fox News reports The Hill. Despite her short run on "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly", where she interviewed Vladimir Putin, Megyn debuted on NBC with "Megyn Kelly TODAY" on September 25th, 2017. With her new endeavor, she is moving away from politics and covering more lifestyle segments.

Is The 9:00 Hour With Megyn Kelly a Good Fit For Featuring Your Business?

Yes! Megyn's goal during this fresh hour of TODAY is to leave the viewer feeling empowered and inspired to settle for more -- more joy, more love, more human connection. She will continue to cover inspiring stories, hot topics, and exclusive lifestyle interviews

Media Contacts At Tin Shingle Include TODAY's New Hour

Media Contacts for "Megyn Kelly TODAY" have been added to Tin Shingle's live Media Contact Database. Access them now.
Media Contacts are available for level 4 members of Tin Shingle. Join now for immediate access.

Pitching Tips From Tin Shingle Make Your Story Stand Out

Listen to these TuneUps to for pitching tips to help you start or refine your ideas for getting on the TODAY Show:

​Browse all of Tin Shingle's Training TuneUps here. TuneUps are free for level 3 and 4 members of Tin Shingle. All others can purchase their favorites and keep them forever. 


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