About Tin Shingle


Welcome to Tin Shingle, the training platform and community designed to help you learn how to build serious buzz around your business. Developed for business owners and marketers who are ready to grow their brand awareness and implement their own buzz-building efforts, including digital marketing, public relations, and social media strategies, Tin Shingle is the premier online resource for DIY know-how and support. Tin Shingle's public-facing articles and blog are so well read that if a website could have folded page corners and a weathered spine, Tin Shingle would look like that deeply loved book you pull off the shelf again and again, but with new pages magically added each time. 

Tin Shingle’s wealth of resources and expert contributions demystify the worlds of digital marketing, PR (public relations), social media, and SEO (search engine optimization), making these buzz-building musts affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. At Tin Shingle, we know that buzz-building is crucial not just for reaching more customers and clients, but also for engaging with relevant media and celebrities to position you and your business as go-to players in your industry. On top of Tin Shingle's wealth of free public content, members have access to our unmatched educational curriculum, live and on-demand video training TuneUps with industry experts, constantly-updated media contacts and editorial calendars, and a vibrant community of fellow DIY marketers.

Members are constantly writing on our Community Boards to connect with each other, share tips, and give advice on everything from media pitches to social media algorithm changes. Tin Shingle also has a team of awesome Buzz-Building Trainers available for when you need a little (or a lot!) of extra help communicating your message and expanding your reach. 

Just like exercising your body takes time, strategy, and commitment to show results, growing your brand awareness is also a daily endeavor with its ups and downs. Tin Shingle is like a gym for your business, where you learn how to tone your buzz-building muscles and get your business promotion game in shape. The Tin Shingle community of expert trainers and supportive fellow members will help you flex your PR muscles and build confidence in your promotion capabilities.


Founded in 2008 by business owners for business owners, Tin Shingle has evolved through several iterations and tested different programs before arriving where it is now. This history has added to the richness of insight and programming Tin Shingle offers, from TuneUps to articles that help businesses promote and protect their ideas and creations. Today, Tin Shingle is run by original co-founder and partner, Katie Hellmuth Martin. 


Tin Shingle has a storefront office on the picturesque Main Street in Beacon, NY, but its heart pumps in every city across the country. Our members and our Awesome Tin Shingle Team are spread from coast to coast, enabling us to engage far and wide. Our Beacon location, meanwhile, gives us special insight into the unique challenges that local entrepreneurs encounter when running and promoting their businesses.


"Tin Shingle" translates to "Resilient Business.” Tin Shinglers are makers, artisans, inventors, designers, creators, problem solvers. Tin Shinglers are filled with ingenuity, hope, creativity, passion, drive, determination, and answer to the mantra that they will "make it work" (to quote Tim Gunn).

With a dictionary, thesaurus and Google near her at all times, Tin Shingle's co-founder Katie searched for a word that captured all of this entrepreneurial spirit. Phrases like ”the wild west," and "hang your shingle" surfaced many times. “To hang your shingle” means to go into business for yourself, but hanging your shingle is only the beginning. A business owner must lure in the foot traffic, the online traffic, the phone calls, and, of course, the media. As for "tin," tin is a resilient metal that withstands the fiercest weather conditions, just like every business needs to be resilient in the face of challenges that come with building sustainable growth. That is when the phrase "Tin Shingle" appeared as a name and made perfect sense.

Tin Shingle represents the resiliency of our business, your business, and our members' businesses. We have faith in you, and we know that you can grow your business the way you envision. Tin Shingle's resources are here to help.



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