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How to Share Your Press on Social Media (Without Being Annoying)

It happened, it finally happened.  You landed a feature story in a press outlet you have been pitching tirelessly (and strategically) for ages!  You want to sing it from the rooftops as well as across social media, from Twitter to Facebook.  You want to tell your friends, family, landlord, dog and mailman to keep their eyes peeled for

The Spin Class Challenge: You Overcome YOUR Fears & I'll Overcome MINE!

The gauntlet has been thrown down...  A challenge is underway... You are invited to join in...And the best part?  This challenge, should you choose to accept it, will better your business, your outreach strategy, and by default, your life.  Have I whet your appetite yet?  Here's the deal:

Pinterest Power: Service Business Guide to Pinterest - Don't Sell Its Use to You Short!

I am a self-professed Pinterest addict (this past year was a slipperly slope into total obsession) but don't you think that my love of the social networking site is purely personal!  Sure I stockpile recipes, create virtual

Pinterest Power: Promoting Products & Getting New Customers via These Pinterest Musts

I'll admit it: I do nearly all my #SmallBizStyle shopping online, and a large majority of it is influenced and inspired by two things: blogs and Pinterest.  Now discussions on online conversion rates (in terms of blog reviews leading to online purchases) is no new concept, but my own realization a few months

Yahoo!!! Tumblr Acquired Under Design + Community Focused Marissa Mayer

Guess who made this panic graphic...not the Tumblr/Yahoo haters, but Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer. For her Tumblr blog. Which she named - misspelling her last name by dropping the "e" in keeping with Tumblr and Yahoo owned Flickr.


Why Should My Business Have a Blog: 8 Simple Reasons from Sabina

If I had a dollar for every small business I encouraged to create a blog, I'd be getting myself a little "high five" in the form of this sassy little puppy.  But alas, I personally feel like all too often I see companies that aren't taking advantage of this powerf


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