Where Do You Do It? Meet the #TinShingling Hashtag


Some people do it on the couch.  Others at their desk.  Some prefer it in the backyard now that the weather is warm.  We even have some who love to do it while jogging. 

Obviously we're talking about where and how you "get your Tin Shingle on".  We love hearing and seeing where you read our content, participate in our classes and even how you join in our weekly #TuneUps (some even listen in while jogging)!

We had all of that in mind when we created our  #TinShingling social media series.  If you're on our website (no matter what appliance is bringing us to you) we want to know it - and now you can tell us!  Via the #TinShingling series you can share (via a photo) where you're using the Tin Shingle website and we in turn can share it (and your business) with the world.

Participating is easy, just follow these simple steps!

1. Take a photo of how & where you're using the Tin Shingle website.
Whether this is a photo that includes you (or your dog, cat, kids - we've seen it all) and our website. We just want to see how and where you're #TinShingling.

2. Tag it with the series hashtag: #TinShingling

In order to let people see all the photos that are linked in this series (and find yours) we ask that you use the hashtag #TinShingling when you post your photo.  Feel free to include anything else in this post (as WiggleTot did here).  If you want, show us your happy face like Ashley in Pine Bush, New York has!

3. Tag us or Tweet at Us (@TinShingle) in your photo
When you tag us via Instagram or use our handle if you post an image on Twitter, we're immediately alerted to your participation in the #TinShingling series and can be sure we can share your photo and business "socially".

4. Let us share you with our world

After we get your photo of you #TinShingling we'll be sharing it via our social media feeds as well as in special posts on our blog.  Come on, don't be shy, show off yourself working on the #smallbiz you created, and we'll show you off to the world!