Valentine's Day Gift Guide & Marketplace: Get Your Goods in Now!


Happy almost-Valentine's Day to you all!  One thing we LOVE doing over here is sharing the amazing gifts people can discover for their family, friends, loved ones (and themselves) that are created by small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Katie and I are not only fans of the "Buy Small Business" movement but we're active participants ourselves.  Because of that we've created two ways to spread the small business Valentine's Day love - a curated gift guide blog series (starting next week) and a new marketplace category that is slowly being filled with great gift options.  Read on for more details!

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday and in the spirit of supporting small biz, our marketplace has just launched a Valentine's Day Gifts category that members can populate with must-have presents from their businesses.  Not only will they appear in the marketplace but they'll also be featured in banner ads and we'll socialize the heck out of them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! (Not a member? Join here and load up your goodies!)

Next week we'll also be sharing a Buy Small Business Valentine's Day blog series featuring amazing finds from entrepreneurs and independent businesses from around the country.  From gifts for foodies and techies to straight up romantic finds, we'll have it all, and you can feel extra good because everything you buy will be sourced from a small business.  I'd say shopping there means there is double the amount of good karma coming your way!

Until then, buy small and think BIG!