Late Night SEO Tinkering - Watch How Katie Makes a Simple Copy Change for Big Results


I do my best SEO data analysis at night.

Or maybe I just think I do because there is no one around to argue with me or cross-examine my theory. :)

It is because of the night, when everyone is off-duty and no one expects an email back, that I can sit in the Google Analytics of some website - my own or clients - and watch what the traffic is doing.

How do I watch? I look at numbers. Lots of different numbers assigned to different things. Like the number for how many clicks to one page there were. Or how many times a page showed up for Google searches (aka "impression"). In this video, on this night, what caught my eye was how many impressions a page got, and how many clicks it got, and if there was a big difference in that number.

SEO Translation:

Someone searched for "restaurants in beacon ny".

One of my pages ranks pretty well for this and gets a lot of clicks. But what I noticed was the page actually got a lot more impressions than it did clicks. And in this case, I want clicks.

SEO Translation:

People are seeing my page in their Google search results, but way more of them could be actually clicking on it than I realized.

What's a girl to do?

Change the page title. With a little copyediting finesse, I made one swift change to what that page was called. And now I wait. About two-four weeks, depending on how fast Google picks up the change and starts showing it to people. Then I study how people responded. Did the new title of the page grab them more from the search results? Did the clicks increase? Did the impressions increase because the page actually got a better ranking by Google?

Watch this video and go through the change with me, to see what I look for. Even better, join me this Wednesday where I will be covering this and more in Tin Shingle's Live TuneUp Webinar. And then, follow Tin Shingle in Periscope so that you don't miss these sessions where we can connect with you immediately!