Black Friday and Post Holiday Sales Strategy: Add it to Tin Shingle's Calendar of Cool


We're ready to help you market your sales for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Pro-members of Tin Shingle get the benefit of having our online marketing strength behind them by way of featuring exciting components of their businesses on the Tin Shingle website. Right now, to prepare for how you will market your website for the big post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping, pro-members of Tin Shingle can add their sales to our Calendar of Cool. This video talks you through the Why you want to do this, and the How you're going to do it. Watch it, and scroll down for the transcription notes ;)

As part of your marketing plan, you want to include search engines. It's where your new customers are looking for you. You're going to help them find you.

Location, Location, Location

Consider your website in search engines to be like a storefront. Only guess what? You can have a few different doors from where you customers can get in.

AND, you can move up the street to a better location if you knew how to make strategic changes on your web pages to get a better ranking for a certain page.

Consider your ranking to be like a shop window to attract in your customers. You need to dress the window, and then make your site enticing to shop.

So you need to rank in search engines, but Ranking your website alone in a search engine might be hard if you're limited as to what kind of new web pages you can make. It's better to spread out and rank not just on your website, but other websites that make sense for your brand.

That's where Tin Shingle comes in. We have a Calendar of Cool that lists where to find events from small businesses, including sales. We made 3 special categories in our calendar around Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

When you and other small businesses include their sales in this category, there is strength in numbers. People will be typing into search boxes "Cyber Monday Deals" or "Cyber Monday Deals 2013" or "Cyber Monday Deals 2013 designer gifts"

So you want to get in on this and give yourself few storefront windows.

Go to your member center at Tin Shingle, and on the right side column in your shortcut links, click Events (add/edit).

Then, create your event, and from the category selector tool, click which sale you're having. If you're having more than one day, create a separate sale event for that.

Use keywords you think you're shopper will be using, like:
cyber monday deals (I checked in Google Trends, and that's a popular term)
cyber monday deals gift ideas stationery

But write the title of your sale in a clever way that makes sense. Just be sure to use real words, instead of I'm Having a Sale

Be sure to include a link that your reader can click on to buy your stuff directly.

That's it. Search engines will do the rest as they search websites for the best information. Your job is to give it to them!