Got a Nest Egg? Got Anything?


Alright, entrepreneurs. I'm not a financial junkie, or even very good at it. What I am around here is the Chief Nudger of Retirement Planning & Tax Preparation. This probably goes way back to my mom instilling in me not to carry a lot of debt on credit cards, and trying to establish credit history for us while in college, so that we could benefit later on (it worked).

We at Tin Shingle are offering a financial planning course specifically tailored for entrepreneurs. Why tailored for us? Because we have to part with our own money. Nothing comes out of our checks automatically. We most likely don't have direct payment. We are paying our own vendors or employees, setting aside our own money for quarterly tax estimates, and setting aside our own % of what's left over into a savings account. Or at least we should be.

There is a method to the madness, and once the method is established, parting with this money becomes very easy. Let me address this word I just used - "parting". For me, putting money into a savings account or IRA feels like I'm parting with it. I can't use it. I can't invest in my business with it. I can't spend it on clothes. I think there is a mental block that we have against saving, that it will hinder our growth. Quite the contrary. It opens doors to larger opportunities.

I watch Suze Orman enough to know that most debt needs to be wrangled in, owning a home is generally good, but mostly, a system must be in place. Not sure if she would have "Approved" me on the home purchase (those of you who watch the show know how she likes to DENY).

Tin Shingle members get their everyday 25% discount on this 4-week telephone workshop to set up financial planning goals with Galia Gichon, who is bringing her Simply Money course/program online for the first time. It is not scary, I promise. It is baby steps. No personal info is shared, just to help you lay the groundwork for the big picture, even if you're far away from it at the moment. We can do it!!