Our Sabina at Fashion Week Representing


We couldn't resist sharing this picture of Sabina with you, as she gets ready for a Fashion Week night out, in her rollers.  Sabina is out on the town representing Tin Shingle and our members, we truly are your ally in NYC!

Sabina in Curlers Pre Fashion Week

Keeping in touch with us via text and email,  here is her schedule :

  • off to meet “fashion trendsetters and the boys who know fashion” at Pastis, then off to some parties and events in Meatpacking, then swinging by Marc Jacobs at afterparty for some photos and scoop, then meeting with the Daily News to share some scoop…
  • Kate Moss party at Jane Hotel, HELLO! 
  • "I INTEND to be home by 11:30pm"  (**she returned at 1:30 am but a girl can dream)
  • oh and squeezing in a meeting with some CNN producers during a break (** it was amazing! get ready CE members!!)
  • hair’s gotta hold up (thus the rollers)
  • TOMORROW is even more jam packed with the Collective Launch and Gen Art Fashion Week Party
  • shaZAMM...(sabina's fave word for making things happen)
  • Logging it all and on to some more!

PS - Sabina is wearing Three Custom Color's Violet Creme lip gloss from Tin Shingle member Trae Bodge. Her necklace is from Bestow Boutique...oh yes CE member and YUMMY  (huge sample sale there this weekend!!!)


oh and ah yes, by 11:30 I meant 1:30 of course...but a girls gotta schmooze!

tomorrow i shall report back from the launch of The Collective - not to be mistaken for Collective-E but a new showroom launching associated with Hayden Harnett handbags we are invited too and must see!

A collective showroom for hot accessories - count us in!