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Step Away From Your Desk: How to Leave Work for a Couple Weeks and Really Leave

Over the past year something amazing happened to me as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.  Sure, I planned a wedding and got married, but professionally speaking, thanks to the wedding month(s) I learned two major lessons:  How to Strategically Plan for Time Away from Work, and How to “Safely” Disconnect from Work and Enjoy it! 

Learning How to Say "No" to Free Brain Picking as a Service Provider

Growing up in Michigan, spending Sunday mornings at Church was a weekly occurence that I still remember vividly.  I don't recall the actual services, but what I DO remember is the 15-30 minutes it took us to actually exit the building.  You see, my dad is a doctor and as you can imagine, everyone in his path had a quick question to ask him about a sore neck, bad


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