Exclusive Offer: See Tory Johnson at the Shift with Tory Event in YOUR Area


Tory Johnson has sprinkled her fairy dust on Tin Shingle for years - even before Tin Shingle actually existed! I met her when I was running my first business and she was running her first business, Women for Hire.  We then reconnected when co-founder Katie and I first began working with entrepreneurs, and what can I say, sparks flew! I loved what she had done for herself as an entrepreneur and what she was doing to inspire and motivate women in business around the country.  Little did I know that was only the beginning...

Since then, Tory has propelled herself (through hard work, intriguing content and an awesome platform) to regular contributor spots on Good Morning America and ABC News, has launched and grown the nationally celebrated Spark & Hustle Tour (which many of our readers and members have attended) and is now at the start of another major event: the release of her latest book, The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life, and an accompanying national tour.  Is that all? Oh no! If you follow Tory like me, you'll also notice that though the buzz has been growing, Tory has been shrinking (as evident from the book title)! Oh yes, she lost more than 60 pounds in a year (hello!) and more than that, she shed the habits that were holding her back from her best self and life.  She "shifted" her mind and life and that new mentality and the "hows" we can all use to make that happen are a part of her Shift with Tory tour and the The Shift book.

Why are we telling you all about this?  Where do we fit in and where do you fit in?  Well we've been working with Tory for years, shooting segments with her on ABC News, sharing our members with her for her Good Morning America segments and I've even had the amazing chance to join her Spark & Hustle tour as a speaker when it hit New York City.  I'm beyond excited to share that I'll be able to catch her when her Shift with Tory Tour hits New York City this September.  And we'd LOVE to see you there! Don't worry if you're not in NYC, there are events around the country, and in each of them Tory will be sharing her 5-step program that will help you get the happier and healthier life you deserve.  At Tin Shingle we believe that a successful business is a holistic business, a business that takes care of the people running it and their families as much as the company itself.  Tory's message ties into that perfectly!

So how can you get in on the fun, and how can you get in on it with an exclusive discount?  Head on over to the Shift with Tory website and when selecting which event you'd like to attend use the code TINSHINGLE at checkout and you'll get a 25% discount off your event series purchase!

I've always known Tory was dedicated to the health and happiness of our business and that is one of the many reasons I'm one of her biggest fans.  Now that she's tackling our personal happiness and health (which is directly related to your biz success in my opinion) I'm even more thrilled!  It's time we all SHIFT into the place we long for and deserve!  Commit to it today via this event series (and if you're in New York City come see me in person as well)!