USA Today Covers Work/Life Balance and Tin Shingle


USA Today Work Life Balance

We were honored when USA Today reached out to us for a second time this month to contribute to a piece in their Smart Small Business column on the back page of the Money section. We love the Money section of newspapers. Why? Because the articles always get down to the nuts and bolts of what is working or not working in business!

This week, reporter Laura Petrecca was covering work/life balance, which is something we strive for every day at Tin Shingle. We refer to it as our Holistic Business approach, and really comes down to this:

  • being realistic
  • forgiving yourself

When Laura asked co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin about about if not having balance can hurt our health, Katie right away answered "Yes", and that it can even cause you to resent your business, or your personal life - whichever is lacking in the balance. In the article, Katie cautioned against promising too much to clients (or yourself), and then setting realistic expectations for what you can accomplish.

When you're realistic and kind to yourself, you'll be amazed at how much your business gets done!

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pps: What do YOU to to achieve work/life balance? Tell us in the Comments below!