Worst Newsletter Etiquette Ever. Period.

One afternoon, I popped into my gmail account to scan for latest emails that came in. My gmail is one of about...7 emails that I manage for myself. I run a couple of blogs, and a couple of companies. I don't filter my gmail by Promotions, Social, etc., because I like to see the latest of what's coming in as it comes.

Yahoo!!! Tumblr Acquired Under Design + Community Focused Marissa Mayer

Guess who made this panic graphic...not the Tumblr/Yahoo haters, but Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer. For her Tumblr blog. Which she named - misspelling her last name by dropping the "e" in keeping with Tumblr and Yahoo owned Flickr.


Why Should My Business Have a Blog: 8 Simple Reasons from Sabina

If I had a dollar for every small business I encouraged to create a blog, I'd be getting myself a little "high five" in the form of this sassy little puppy.  But alas, I personally feel like all too often I see companies that aren't taking advantage of this powerf


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