Why Drink More Good Changed Syrup Bottles to Increase Sales



More Good Syrups Packaging Change Bottles More Good Syrups Packaging Change Bottles More Good Syrups Packaging Change Bottles

Drink More Good is a flavored syrup company based in Beacon, NY that was founded in 2012 after the founder, Jason Schuler, sent a pitch for funding via G-Chat to a friend. The syrups can be used for just about anything, including soda, seltzer, cocktails, and probably salad dressing if you wanted extra pizazz in your greens. Jason started with 25 flavors produced from herbs and spices, and within a year, produces and grows 100 flavors. During this time, Drink More Good has outgrown its production kitchen, is seen in every farmers market you want to shop in, is in talks with major wholesale accounts, and is building a new retail location to serve as part retail store and part production kitchen.

At this point of major growth, it's a perfect time to...change the packaging on the bottles. A major undertaking! And can be quite costly. However, during the first year of business, Jason got so many questions from customers, he knew he had enough market research to go to the drawing board and redesign the packaging. Jason often sits in the Drink More Good booth at farmers markets to serve customers, and had this to say about his packaging: "I wanted to talk less, and for the packaging on the bottles to answer more questions. When people ask me how to use the syrup, it eats away at my soul every time I hear it."

Determined and on a mission, Jason and his team wrote down all questions and comments they've received, and tried to address problem areas: the size of the bottle and the messaging on the printed label.

The bottle increased in size from 12oz to 12.7oz. They are even experimenting with lowering the cost of a bottle of syrup at farmers markets, since those venues easily trigger word of mouth marketing for the flavored syrup company.

The bottles themselves also created a lot of dripping as people poured the syrup into glasses or mixing bottles to make home-made soda. So the new bottle now has a narrow neck and more resemble a wine bottle.

The new label now addresses usage questions, like "How do you use these?" It's wonderful to have a curious person interested in the product, but to get them to buy the product means that they need to crave the product. The bottle must generate the feeling of "I must have this in my pantry" or "My friend would really love this ingenious product".

So the bottles now have three recipes on the front of the label:

  • Home-Made Soda
  • Lightly Flavored Seltzer
  • Cocktail Mixer

When a bottle is all a person has of your product, and they are the ones that have to make the magic and create a drink from it, you want to empower them with the can-do spirit that they can keep making a drink from this bottle of syrup, and then buy more. The perfect place is on the packaging, which they won't lose and is easy to find every time.