Super Amazing Pinterest Board Collections for Brands


Newbies to Pinterest plan and plan and plan, and pin so selectively. Spazzes like me pin and pin and pin, and create albums on a whim. If you're a hair stylist and you say to me: "I'm going to create a Pinterest board for hair styles I've done." I say to you: "And, you could create a board for all of the shades of red hair color that you love."

There's a happy medium between too many and too few boards. I'll be covering them in my live #SocialTuneUp: "Pinterest Best Practices to Get Re-Pinned and Followed", and I wrote an article on it for called "5 Pinterest Strategies to Create Branded Boards" . And  if that's not enough, read this Mashable article that covers a study conducted by Unmetric that looks at the numbers behind the highest liked and commented branded Pinterest boards (which I of course also pinned to our branded board, [Infographics] Our Collection.

Here is a collection of Pinterest boards from my favorite brands who are staying on-brand, and remain visually addicting.

In all of the Pinterest accounts that were strongly branded, I noticed the following:

  • Pin boards were full. Each had about 20 or more photos in each board.
  • Cool names. Like "Wardrobe of Wallpaper" or "French Chicks"
  • Collections. Some boards had repeating themes, like "Color Story: XYZ" and "Color Story: ABC"
  • Visually inspired right from the start. Pinterest is SO visual, that I want to be amazed at first click. Most collections did this without me even clicking into any boards. The images representing each board were striking.

I love all of Rosanna Inc's tableware designs. My favorite part of their pin boards are their Color Story boards, where they organize by color inspiration. I can tell that color inspires that brand.

Rosanna Inc Pinterest


I was searching for the Pinterest account for Posie Gets Cozy, but couldn't find it, but did fine the collection from this fan, who has a board dedicated to "Posie Gets Cozy Faves". I love the way she's organized all of her boards, and how full each board is. We've got a lot of pretty to look at here.

Melissa Jacob Pinterest



So visual. Just looking at the cover photos of Dwell Studio's boards gets me inspired.

Dwell Studio Pinterest


Annie Sloan is a painter, an artist, an author, and a designer of furniture paint. Her boards are well organized to showcase her paints, her inspirations, her books, the stores selling her paint, and the people selling her paint. A truly amazing business model going on here, and the boards translate well.

Annie Sloan Pinterest

Do you have an amazing Pinterest collection? Can we see it? Share it in the comments below.

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