Motivation Mix: Dot Girl Founder Kathy Pickus Shares the Music Behind Her Inspiration & Innovation



You know when you discover a cool business or product and think to yourself, I cannot believe no one created that until now, or why didn't that exist when I was younger?  That is exactly what I thought of when I discovered the Dot Girl brand, which then led me to wonder what type of tunes are behind founder Kathy Pickus and her great ideas, and what music makes her tick and create.

Lucky for all of us, Kathy has taken over the virtual turntables this week and the songs she shares from her motivation playlist are sure to pump you up and help your great ideas flow as well.



Can't Hold Us > Macklemore
Living in the Seattle area requires  that you have a favorite Macklemore song.  Mine is 'Can't Hold Us'  because nothing is going to stop me from getting the Dot Girl Kit out  to parents and their daughters. The song makes me get busy every time I hear it.

Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Miserables
This song from my favorite musical always stirs my soul to go out and conquer the world.

Here Comes the Sun > The Beatles
Things can get pretty bleak sometimes when you are running a business, stuff goes wrong, you are all alone against the world.  I play this song to remind me that things are going to get better.

Graceland > Paul Simon
When I want to dance in my chair to wake myself up this is the song that gets played.

Roar > Katy Perry
Have had lots of knockdowns in my business, but I always get back up.  Katy helps with that.

Moves Like Jagger > Maroon 5
I take a Zumba class almost daily to keep me sane and in shape and this is one of my favorite dance songs.  I not only want to move like Jagger but be as successful as he has been.