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The Freedom Song > Jason Mraz


Ok listen, music has always affected my mood.  ALWAYS.  This past year has been stressful and brought a lot of change, including marriage and a cross country move. Throughout these past 365 days, many times I had to remember, "When I feel good, I sing. And the joy brings make me feel good."  I sang a lot.  Thank you Jason.


Three Little Birds > Bob Marley & The Wailers


Did I mention life is stressful?  Well sometimes you just need a call from Bob. It will be alright.  Just remember, don’t get bitter, get better. This tune calms me down and allows me to move on.


Budapest > George Ezra


Ok, now since we are a little calmer it's time for something a little more upbeat.  Ezra's track does lift the spirits.  And really change is hard but, "give me one good reason why I should never make a change." Sometimes, it can all do us all some good.


Anyway You Want Me & Katie > The Amigos


Lets just continue with a few more upbeat ones.  Seriously these guys are talented, diverse, purely amazing. Besides controlling my mood, music strongly holds onto memories for me. I still remember the exact people, the exact tiny venue, the exact night that we saw these guys.  We sang, laughed, and literally danced with them. Its important to reminisce.  It stirs up joy.  And when has joy produced anything bad?


On Top of the World > Imagine Dragons


Is an explanation needed? We all need something to give us courage, boldness, motivation to accomplish dreams.  Well here is one of them. Just don't try "to cut these corners, try to take the easy way out".


Hello You Beautiful Thing > Jason Mraz


Who doesn't need affirmations?  I have yet to meet them.  Some people use the mirror.  I listen to this song.  Who doesn't have a bad day?  I have also yet to meet them.  But there is always another! Its a good song to end or start the day with.  Thanks again Jason.


Banana Pancakes >  Jack Johnson


This is my wild card.  As probably everyone else reading this, I sometimes have to work on weekend mornings.  Or even if I don't, I always want it to be a lazy weekend morning. So I go into my Banana Pancake bubble.  Its soothing, cozy, and surprisingly keeps me productive.