Motivation Mix: Inspirational Fitness Brand Words to Sweat By Pumps Us Up Like It's Their Job (Which it IS!)


Dana LardnerIf you've ever tried to get in shape, or simply struggle to get yourself to the gym on Monday morning, Words to Sweat By was made for you.  The company, founded by entrepreneur Dana Lardner, creates fashion and accessories products that provide sassy or serious motivation to get you up off the couch to the gym or perhaps push you through those last minutes of your workout.  Whether you're looking for sweatbands, a bracelet or something to towel of the sweat you left behind while completing that last mile, they have you covered.  My current faves are the mantra workout towels that are emblazoned with phrases including, "C is for Crunch not Cookies" and "Carpe Dumbbell". 

Clearly the fitness entrepreneurs at Words to Sweat By know what they're doing in the motivation department, which made them a natural fit for our Monday Motivation Mix.  Check out the tunes that get Dana moving in business and life below, via our virtual decks!


Rockstar > Nickleback
This is the anthem to not taking yourself too seriously if you make it big. Plus, the lyrics are just fun to belt out at the top of your lungs on those days you need a release.

Never Coming Home > Sting
This song is about taking chances when you realize where you are is a dead end. Sting’s lyrics also remind me to tell a great story even if I have a short amount of time.

Body Movin’ > Beastie Boys
One cannot sit still when this song is playing so even if you’re stuck in front of the computer cranking through emails, you can bounce to the beat.

Shine Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
This whole album lets the creative juices flow. Put it on when you need to do some important creative writing or prototyping a new product.

Brave > Sara Bareilles
There is a lot to take away from this song – not only about using your voice to make a difference but also to be true to yourself. Sometimes small business owners can get lost in doing something because everyone else does it, but isn’t a fit for them. This is when it’s most important to be brave and forge your own path.

Not Ready To Make Nice >  Dixie Chicks
This is one of the best comeback songs out there. It’s great reminder that making a mistake in even in the most public of settings doesn’t mean you need to lose your dignity. As small business owners lots of things could go wrong that negatively impact the business but it doesn’t mean you have to pack up and go home.

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