Quote: "Honesty, Like Sanity, Is The Best Policy"


Chelsea Berler is a dear business friend from afar. We met - I don't even know when or how - but her loyalty and upbeat vision of business creation and growth are one of my favorite traits about her. When Chelsea reached out to me to let me know she was compiling a book of inspiring quotes to challenge people to move forward positively one week at a time, I was honored that she let me know about it, and that she'd asked me to contribute to her book, "You're Not Alone; 52 Ways To Inspire Change One Week at a Time". I know that the people she selected in this book, including my business partner Sabina Hitchen, will ping great thoughts in your head to inspire change.

With Chelsea's permission, I have provided to you here my contribution to her book. Firstly my quote, and secondly, my own message that I try very hard to live by (and PS: I have been living by it, and actually my skin is looking pretty good!). My message, in the middle of 51 other contributions, is:

Morning is the first ray of fresh hope. When you awaken with the first morning bird, your body is fresh from yesterday’s input, and you are free to begin again. Mornings are your first touch of freedom in your day where you are alone to set up how the day may go. Two factors go into having a great day:

  1. Knowing that you day may take a sharp turn to a place you never imagined.
  2. Sleeping the night before. You release the day in the evening, and go to bed with a book or magazine in print, not a lit device, so that your brain can absorb natural sleep hormones that smother you in peace.

For more inspiring words, please check out Chelsea's book.